How to Escape the Destruction: Part 2 of 3

Therefore, precious jeweled lights of my eyes, Allah alone has laid the most exalted of all paths before us. His quality is the one path. His actions, conduct, and good behavior are the one path. His trust, His justice, His three thousand benevolences with which He shows compassion, and His attributes that make each heart become aware—these are the one path. This is the one path which cautions us and makes us aware of our mistakes. That is the path of truth which leads us on the straight way, the path that connects us with Him.

Realize this, precious jeweled lights of my eyes. Escape from this time of destruction. Move away form the fires that are yet to come. The warnings of the destruction are appearing in the world now. The fires are spreading; they are surrounding us and approaching us. May we escape from them.

If we always trust in His protection, He will lift us up to Him. Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, He will protect us and keep us with Him. He will put out any kind of fire. Just as God protected Abraham (A.S.) from the fire into which Nimrod put him, He will protect us from these fires. Just as God protected Joseph (A.S.) from the well into which he was pushed, God will lift us from this well of illusion and protect us.

Have firm certitude of faith (iman) in this. Accept that there is none worthy of worship other than God, Allah. We must accept that there is none other than Allah who treats all lives equally. When praising Him people have given Him millions and millions of names. Yet He remains with that name, Allah. Above all the names of praise, He rules with the name, Allahu, which is a name of completeness and plenitude. He has ninety-nine names corresponding to His attributes, actions, and conduct, but He has kept this one name within Himself.

Creation, protection, sustenance, giving food, passing judgment, and making the final inquiry—all these attributes and actions are combined into the one name, Allah, which is kept within Him. This is the treasure in each one’s heart that never diminishes no matter how much is taken from it. It exists as the perfect completeness. This is that one name, Allah. The ninety-nine names of the Asma’ul-husna are His qualities, actions, conduct, and the duties that He performs. These are the attributes and actions that make each heart melt. But this one name, Allah, denotes His judgment and justice. It does not imply any praise. All the other names praise His attributes and His actions. He is perfect completeness and with that one name Allah we worship Him without praise. We must realize this, precious jeweled lights of my eyes.

People are causing the fires by which they, themselves, are going to be destroyed. These flames are spreading throughout the world, and the world is approaching destruction. People are causing these fires through religion and races, scriptures, dogmas, and colors. Aggression is the weapon they are holding in their hands. That is their nourishment, and that is what satisfies their hearts. The spreading of these conditions throughout the world is evidence of the coming destruction.

Enmity is the crowing glory of such people’s lives, hurting others is their joy, and killing is their peace. Attacking other people seems to give them a joy beyond joy. As the time of destruction approaches, these people will cause suffering to others simply for the sake of races and religions. They will initiate wars for the sake of earth, women, and gold and resolve to destroy the world for the sake of their own kindred. All their effort will be directed toward these wars and will cause the destruction. They will have hatred for goodness, the prescribed rules of God, good behavior, and love. They will try to destroy all of these and instead give a place of importance to the ‘I’. They will try to destroy peace, compassion, and equality and place importance in race. They will destroy truth and give great eminence to ‘mine’. They will love falsehood and obliterate truth, burning it to ashes.

Each race in human society will propagate in this way. These attitudes will increase in the times of destruction. The concepts of peace, equality, justice, considering other lives as one’s own, considering one’s neighbor as oneself and believing that all lives should live with peace and tranquility will not be in people’s hearts (qalbs), looks, faces, hands, or bodies. These thoughts will fly away from them. Arrogance, pride, ego, ‘I’ and ‘you’, differences, murder, and sin will be the weapons in their hands, the crown on their heads, and the prayer in their hearts. In this way, karma is spreading throughout their blood, skin, and flesh.

Karma, arrogance, wrath, differences of ‘I’ and ‘you’ are the qualities that are spreading in the world. As a result, people are seeking to discover more subtle weapons and greater fires of destruction. They will create these weapons through ignorance and the knowledge of science. Technologies will be developed to destroy human beings, their unity, and the world. There will be no peace in the hearts of these aggressors. When someone speaks about equality, they will beat that person and try to kill him. When someone speaks of peace, they will try to beat, destroy, and kill that one too. If someone else mentions God, they will seek him out and kill him. If another person speaks of faith, they will deliberately attack him. If someone speaks of prayer, they will say, “Whose is this prayer?” and try to attack him and chase him away.

This is how it will be; these people will hate anyone who speaks of good thoughts and good conduct. If a person wants to live with good thoughts, good conduct, and peace, they will try to chase him away. If one speaks of justice and laws, they will hate him and try to kill him. If truth is revealed, they will despise it and chase that person away. In place of truth, they will accept with delight and happiness whatever can change the nature of man; things such as mantras, tricks (tantras), magics, intoxicants, and drugs like marijuana and opium. All that is evil will be desirable to them, and all that is good will be detestable to them.

In the approaching times, the number of such people will increase. They will be in the majority. These qualities will develop in man, and they will be the weapons that will destroy the truth and topple the world. We must realize that this is going to happen. These people will destroy the world through the energies of water, fire, air, atoms, and many weapons. Destruction will be caused by their desire for earth, women, and gold. Many such situations are presently developing in the world and leading us to destruction. Lands are being captured. Pride and arrogance are flourishing. This state is already forming in the hearts of human beings. It is oozing in their hearts, hands, and bodies as blood. These people are so determined that they will suffer without food or water and even die for these ideas. Those are their food and water, and their thirst.

Each race, religion, and dogma is readied for war. They all have the same war in their hearts; their eyes, sights, and thoughts have all developed this way. Therefore, it will be very difficult for peace to exist in the world. It will be difficult to have the state of equality and serenity. The society of man will be focused only on creating its own destruction.

Children, who are the precious jeweled lights, we must follow the path of God. We must try to live in God’s protection with absolute certitude. We must accept God’s path and go on the straight path in the way the prophets told us. We must be determined to go on this path with melting hearts. All the prophets came bringing the words of One God. They came to teach His commandments. Although many prophets came, they all came as the children of one Adam (A.S.). They came from One God and taught the people how to progress step by step, teaching them further and further. God sent one level of teaching through one prophet, then the next level through the next prophet, and yet another level through another prophet. According to the needs of man, God continued to send prophets with greater and greater clarity. God sent His prophets to teach man step by step and raise his level of wisdom. God sent great seers, messengers (rasuls), and prophets to make us aware of truth step by step and cause our wisdom to grow. He sent them as messengers to warn us and to be witnesses to His truth.

The prophets were the bearers of the messages that were sent by God. They came to give testimony to the existence of God. They, themselves, are the proof that God exists. They came as witnesses from God and taught wisdom to man step by step. This is what happened. There are no divisions between the prophets. There are no such divisions in God’s kingdom. Truth and equality have no divisions. All the prophets came only as witnesses of God and not as individuals. They came as witnesses of God’s existence in order that we may establish our connection to Him. They came to testify to the connection between God and us. They came to tell us of the qualities and actions of God. They came to reveal to us and teach us about God, His actions, and truth. All the prophets came as witnesses in common, to prove the existence of One God. They did not come to separate us. They did not come to bring religions. They came to make us realize that One God.

We must realize this, precious jeweled lights of my eyes. If we realize this state we will see One God, one prophet, one race, one witness, one state, one kingdom of God, one family of mankind. Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, realize this with true wisdom. Open your faith (iman) and your heart (qalb), look, and accept this. When you look at separations, what results from them? Battles and wars. The world will be happy with killings. The world will hate that which truly nurtures and protects us. The world will change in this way. It will be good for you to accept the truth and go on the path of God. Then He will protect you. It is certain that He will protect you just as He protected the prophets.

To be continued… How to Escape the Destruction Part 3