How to Escape the Destruction – Conclusion

Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, you must realize the past, the present, and the future that is coming. If you realize this and conduct yourselves properly, you will escape. Destruction will be caused by atoms, fires, water, storms, gales, illusion, arrogance, caste, religion, and dogmas. Wars will increase; we will have to face different forms of attacks. These conditions are slowly spreading. Differences of caste, religions, scriptures, and color are being propagated in the hearts of human beings. Into their own hearts, people have infused darknesses, the jealousies and qualities of satan, arrogance and karmas, doubts and suspicions, and differences of color, and they are nurturing these. They have forsaken the words of God and the prophets. They have forgotten patience (sabur), contentment (shakur), and surrender to God (tawakkul). They have prepared for war and desire to kill. They hate peace, equality, and unity and have separated into factions. They will start wars for the sake of their desires for earth, women, gold, and their attitudes toward religion, caste, and color.

This is how it is going to be. It will be very difficult for us to conduct our lives properly in the times that are coming. This situation is enveloping the world like waves, storms, and gales. The concept that there is no God is spreading. Denial of truth is spreading. In academic studies, books, newspapers, and everything you see, God’s name has been omitted. Instead, they praise the names of destruction and glorify falsehood and animals. They are trying to change the nature of the true human being. They do not like the look of the human face that connects him to the human race. They desire to have the faces of rats, elephants, cats, frogs, bears, tigers, lions, ants, faces of ghosts, demons, vultures, eagles, snakes, reptiles, and so on. They consider the human face disgusting, and their greatest desire is to change it. They seem to like putting on the faces of monkeys, rats, and cats by adopting actions, qualities, or conduct of these animals. All of them are changing their forms and wearing the masks of other creatures and trying to act with their qualities, actions and conduct. Such behavior will increase even more in the times to come. People will forget and hate the qualities and life of a true human being. They will resolve to murder peace and unity. They will love animals. They will make the dogs and cats and other animals happy, while trying to murder man and hurt the hearts of human beings.

This is happening in the present times and will happen tenfold more in the future. Man has already changed to a state where he does not want to live as a human being with a human face. Next he will want to live like an animal. This state is now spreading. The idea that there is no God is being propagated. All good qualities are being destroyed. Tolerance and peacefulness are perishing and expiring. The virtuous qualities of modesty, sincerity, reserve, and fear of wrongdoing are detested. Good thoughts and prayers are being obliterated, while arrogance and differences of color are increasing. Castes and religions are flourishing, while God’s commandments are being forsaken and destroyed. Because of all this the future will bring only destruction.

We are going to be the victims of the very fire we have lit. The time is approaching when we are going to be destroyed by the fire that we are living in now. The energies and weapons that we have in our hands are going to kill us. This is certain. The prophets have taught this. Whoever picks up a sword will die by that sword, and whoever picks up a gun will die by that gun. Whatever weapon one keeps within his heart will kill him. The prophets who came earlier have told us this. Our own qualities will hurt and destroy us in the times that are approaching.

May we try to have the thoughts of God and bring His actions into our actions. May we accept that there is only One God and go on the path that leads to His kingdom. Just as all the prophets accepted One God, we too must accept One God with certainty. The prophets came as witnesses to prove this. The proof itself lies in that they all gave the same teachings—One God, one race, one family. Accordingly we must accept with certainty that all the witnesses are of the same race. We must follow the path on which all the others came and went. If we progress on this path, if we walk in the protection of God, we can escape from the dangers that are imminent.

The world will be destroyed by fires, atoms, guns, and the weapons of evil that are in man. Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, we have to realize this with absolute certainty. We must recognize the present situation and truly strive on God’s path, without forgetting His laws. If at least some of you go on this path with good qualities and good conduct, the Sustainer who protects will come and protect you. Just as He protected the prophets who are His witnesses, He will protect you too. Be reassured that God will protect you.

We need wisdom to realize what has really happened in the past. We cannot get an accurate description from the scriptures and ancient epics written by the great poets. Truly open your hearts and look. There you will see the histories of the prophets. Unfurl your hearts (qalbs) and you will see the manner in which God’s commandments were spoken. Within yourself, you will understand the explanations and commandments given in the Bible and the Qur’an. Instead of believing the words and actions depicted in the epics, be determined to open your hearts and believe in what you find there. Then you will see the proof that there is one mother, one race, and One God. It will be proved with absolute certainty that all the prophets came from the same family.

May we understand this testimony and find the path of truth. May we accept that truth, act accordingly, and follow that One alone. If we exist in that state, then we can escape from the destruction that is imminent. We can escape from the accidents that are going to happen.

Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, the time of destruction is drawing near. This state is unfurling and expanding. The hearts of human beings are changing. Fighting and separations are the weapons in people’s hands and the wealth in their hearts. In every race, this state has established itself, and because of this every religion is ready to wage war. They will fight for the sake of earth, women, and gold and seek to prove that there is no God.

Change from this state and acquire God’s qualities! Reveal the human face which is the beautiful face of God! Do not change the beautiful face that belongs to God. Do not change your face to look like bears, tigers, and lions. The face of a human being is the most exalted face, the quality of a human being is the most exalted quality, the wisdom of man is the most exalted wisdom, the thought of a human being is the most exalted thought, and the prayer of man is the most exalted prayer. The compassion shown by a true man is bestowed on all lives, the benevolence of a true man gives love to all lives, and the unity demonstrated by such a man makes all lives bow down to him. We must acquire these precious qualities that make all lives pray.

Hasn’t God created this beautiful face, these precious qualities, and the greatness of man and bestowed them upon us? We must not lose this graceful quality, this exquisite form, and divine love of God. We have come here endowed with His form of beauty, and therefore, we must live and rule in this beautiful kingdom and proceed on the right path so that we may reach the heavenly kingdom of God.

Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, may we endeavor to engage ourselves in this effort. Even though we are just a few people, may we use our wisdom with true faith (iman) and bear witness that all the prophets came from the same origin. In the same way that they came, they went back. May we open our hearts so that we may go forward on the path to the same place from which they came. May we have true faith (iman) and certitude in that One. May we understand the testimony of the prophets and follow them to that One. If we establish that state, it is certain that God will protect us in our lives. He will safeguard us from any danger. He will lift us out of any situation that might destroy us and conceal us from the eyes of others and protect us.

In the times to come, there will be racial wars and battles fought with magic. People will call the tricks of these human dogs and foxes miracles. They will call their weapons, demons, and ghosts miracles. In the times of destruction that are approaching, they will say all these energies are miracles. Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, have the assurance and certainty that Allah alone is the true miracle. Have the certitude that God is the only One who has the power to destroy all these energies. Accept that God is the Original Creator for all truths. Accept that He is our Leader, our Father who protects us. May we resolve to develop our wisdom and act truthfully. May we resolve to open our hearts and understand the secrets, the essence (dhat), and the manifestation (sifat) within and realize who we are. May we resolve to bow down to God and do service unto Him. If we accept God in this state and give all responsibility to Him, He will protect us. This is the truth. He will protect us from destruction.

The time of destruction is drawing near. Destruction is expanding and spreading. It is going to engulf this world. We are going to see the destruction. Open your hearts to escape from this destruction and accept your Father.

May we see equality in one path and see tranquility within ourselves. May we open ourselves and see God within us. We must understand that unity within ourselves. May we prepare, within ourselves, to be as one race and go to God. Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, if we do not establish this state, decisively, with absolute certainty, we too will be caught in the destruction and burned by that fire. We will be tortured by these sufferings. Therefore, may we separate from this and disappear in God. May we have certitude in God. May we accept God. May we follow His path. May we keep Him in our hearts as our protection. If we live in this state, God, the Leader who protects us and all other lives, will protect us in any situation. Amin. Amin.

Realize this with certainty. Understand the times that are to come. The world is going to change, destruction is drawing near, it is surrounding us. You must make the effort to escape from this. Amin. Every child should open his or her heart and make the effort. Allah will protect you from that destruction. He is the One to whom all praise is due (al-hamdu lillah), the One of protection. Amin. Amin.