How to Enjoy Your Grand Canyon Romantic Vacation to the Fullest

So, it’s you and your spouse’s wedding anniversary? Well, perhaps you now have plan for this upcoming event? A romantic dinner in a five-star restaurant? That would be fabulous! But you know what; this is so common and though it’s romantic enough to rekindle the flame between you and your spouse, there is a better way surprising him or her on this day. Why not try a Grand Canyon romantic vacation?

You know, most couples nowadays are celebrating anniversaries and other important dates between them through a romantic vacation. And if you both love the outdoors or love nature-tripping, Grand Canyon is the best place to go. You see, you don’t even have to go out of the country just to share a romantic outdoor vacation with your spouse. So, how can you enjoy your Grand Canyon romantic vacation? Here’s how;

Trekking and Mountain Climbing

The most common activity that Grand Canyon tourists do is trekking and hiking. You see, the Canyon is mostly accessible by foot or by riding a mule. You can view the Grand Canyon from any perspective that you could reach. But, most travelers hike from the rim to the river and back up. Beware though, if you’re not totally fit and think you can’t do this, it is better if you don’t. Authorities of the Canyon discourage this trekking activity because of the danger that it poses. In fact, many travelers have to be rescued every year because of this activity.

Go Camping

Another very popular activity in the Grand Canyon is camping. A big campsite is available in the North Rim of the Canyon. However, you have to apply for permits in advance before you could camp there. And the site is not always open due to accessibility problems caused by weather and snows during winter.

Try Whitewater Rafting

If you and your spouse love extreme adventure, then whitewater rafting is an activity that you shouldn’t miss when in Grand Canyon for your romantic vacation. And besides, this activity will bring you closer to each other as trust and care is important in this adventure. You will surely enjoy the rush along the Colorado River while viewing the Canyon from the river.

See the Canyon aboard a Helicopter

If you have already seen the Canyon from the river or from its steeps, perhaps you will enjoy viewing it from above. Ride aboard a helicopter and view the majestic sight of the Grand Canyon; from its steeps, plateau and valleys. This is one truly great adventure that an outdoor going couple like you could enjoy.

Aside from these activities, there are still lots of things for you to enjoy and see when spending your Grand Canyon romantic vacation. You can visit the buildings and relics from the South Rim of the Canyon. Whatever activity you enjoy, you will surely love having a romantic vacation in this Arizona attraction. And when it comes to hotels and accommodations, the Grand Canyon is never left behind. There is a lodge in the North Rim and there are several others in downtown Tusayan.

A romantic vacation need not be expensive all the time. You can just go and enjoy your favorite activities and feel romantic all about it. After all, being romantic depends on how you want it to mean to you and your spouse.

Oh, just don’t forget to book your transportation and hotels in advance when planning to have a Grand Canyon romantic vacation; you don’t want to be discouraged when tickets and hotels are not available anymore.