How to Employ Your Own Personal Universal Manager—Without Spending a Dime

How can I possibly get it all done? I have two proposals to finish, an article to write, at least a dozen clients to make follow up calls with, and to top it all off, a whole week of thank you notes to write. I also have to figure out what’s for dinner-Oh yeah-I need a place to do my presentation and if I don’t find at least four more clients I won’t be able to pay my bills. Aaaaargh-it’s 4:00 o’clock. I can’t get all of this done. I might as well take off early, and go have a cocktail or a cappuccino at Starbucks.

As fun and relaxing as it sounds, that cocktail or cappuccino won’t help you reach your business goals. And yes, you probably can get away without making your follow up calls and mailing your thank you letters but face it, those activities do go a long way towards building excellent client relationships and ultimately getting more happy clients.

Now imagine for a moment that you have a very large staff working exclusively for you. Bookkeepers, personal assistants, creative consultants, and excellent business advisors all work exclusively for you. The best part is that you don’t even have to interact with this staff-you have a manager who does it all for you.

“How can I possibly afford such a wonderful manager,” you say?

Well the manager that I am talking about is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is continuously –every moment of every day-lining up people, places and events to help you achieve what you currently want. But here’s the secret, Law of Attraction determines what you want by how you are feeling at the time. If you are overwhelmed, frustrated and in a state of panic, the law of attraction will obediently match you up with more of the same.

On the other hand, this wonderful manager can help you easily and effortlessly achieve all the items on you to do list. By focusing on what you really want magic unfolds. You become inspired and your reports seem to write themselves, three of your current clients call you to tell you how much they are enjoying working with you and provide you with referrals. Your best friend introduces you to Send Out Cards, an automatic, on line greeting card system that makes follow-up quick, easy and fun. And to top it all off, someone you presented a proposal to three months ago calls you up and hires you for the next year and pays for the whole project in full!!

Sure you still have to cook dinner and find a place for your presentation but little did you know that your significant other has plans to take you out and tomorrow you will receive a phone call from one of your delighted customers asking you to do a presentation for their home association!!!!

Ready to get started using your universal manager? Consider the following questions before you get started. They will help you create focus and clarity.

1. What would you like to delegate to your universal manager?

2. Do you have a list of things that you would like to get done each day? What are they? Which ones can you delegate to your universal manager?

3. What will prevent you from using your universal manager?

Here is an easy way to incorporate using your universal manager into your daily routine. Before you begin each day take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns. At the top of the first column write Things that I will accomplish. At the top of the second column write Things that my manager will accomplish. As you make your list, be very clear and precise about what you want to get done that day then take action and DO IT! Trust your manager with the other things. Allow synchronistic magic to unfold and produce outstanding results for you.

Allow your manager to work for you. Make your requests with the expectation of getting results. Know that your universal manager knows the perfect timing for your tasks to be completed and trust that if action is required of you, your manager will bring it to your attention.