How to elevate your confidence

Many people aren’t aware of the fact that their thinking patterns are the main reason behind their lack of self confidence.
If a confident person and a person who lacks confidence exchanged their beliefs about themselves but kept their way of thinking intact then soon the confident person will become confident again after getting rid of the negative beliefs he acquired and the person who used to lack self confidence will soon lose his newly acquired self confidence.
Because of these facts its extremely important that you learn how to become like a confident person in order to become really confident after some time.
It doesn’t matter where you start from as long as you are thinking like a confident because sooner or later you will become confident.

So how to think like a confident person?
Here are five ways to think like a confident person:
1) They always keep praising themselves during their self talk: a confident person doesn’t always think positively but he also keeps reminding himself how good he is whenever he does something good. A confident person is never very critical or harsh on himself and that’s why he always manages to keeps his self confidence intact.
2) They perfectly understand that they are dealing with human beings: people who have a low self esteem always believe that they are surrounded by flawless super heroes who are better, smarter and more worthy than them and as a result their low self esteem goes even lower. Confident people on the other hand know that each and every human being who lives on this planet has self doubts and that’s why they feel comfortable around everybody without exception.
3) They understand that failure is a part of success: people who have a high self esteem never feel bad whenever they fail but on the contrary they understand that failure is a channel that provides them with the feedback they need in order to succeed in the next attempt. People who lack confidence on the other hand dread making mistakes and in many cases they never attempt to try something new not to make any mistake.
4) They know that good people get rejected: many people lose their self confidence after they get rejected once or twice. Confident people on the other hand understand that even good people get rejected and that’s why they never feel bad when someone rejects them. If you think that being rejected makes you a less worthy person then you will have a yoyo like self confidence, when people praise you then you will feel good and when one or two of them reject you then you will feel totally worthless.
5) They know their strengths and weaknesses: when a person becomes fully aware of his strengths and his weaknesses self doubts never affect him the way they affect others who are clueless about their good qualities. If you are sure that you are intelligent then any negative comment about your intelligence or mind wont affect you at all but if you were not sure of yourself then such a comment would have hurt you so much.