How to Eat Your Way to a Cleaner Colon

A diet rich in fiber is a vital part of the basic platform for cleansing the colon. There are many colon disorders such as constipation, diverticulitis and chronic constipation that are easily cured by a diet rich in fiber. Just by choosing the right foods you can prevent disease and live a healthier life.

Fibrous foods provide roughage that keeps the accumulated waste products moving through the colon and help to stimulate peristaltic action. This gives waste an easy passage out and deceases the risk of intestinal problems. The soluble and insoluble fibers will provide the bulking and scraping agents necessary to prevent putrefied waste and mucoid plaque build up.

Do you feel tired, bloated, and gassy? Is your skin broken out, do you have rashes here and there? Have you put on weight? Is your cholesterol and blood sugar moving up the charts? These are all targets of a good colon cleansing regime. Sticking with it and eating your way back to good health can mean the difference between living a happy and healthy life and living a nightmare of doctors visits, medications and health conditions. Your body will bounce back and re-balance itself giving you the energy and vitality that’s inside us all.

Create great tasting salads that include dark leafy greens such as dandelion, kale, chard, mustard and collard. These foods will add more fiber and nutrition and help the natural cleansing process. Sprinkle with ground flax seed and use organic vinegars in your dressings.

Eat whole grains like quinoa, and millet. Fresh berries and melons provide enzymes that support digestion and absorption. While organic beans such as black, kidney, pinto and garbanzo provide protein that’s cholesterol free, low fat and high in fiber. Avoid caffeine, chocolate and junk food. Stay away from refined foods especially sugars. Artificial sweeteners and other additives are unhealthy and are nutritionally empty. Maple syrup and honey can be used in small amounts. Raw nuts and seeds are also good choices.

Some of the results you may experience from flushing are increased energy and mental clarity. Your skin clearing up, rashes and break outs disappearing are possible, along with regularity and to keep toxins from building back up in the body. A good detoxification program will get the toxins that have been absorbed or ingested on their way out of your body so that the re-balancing and healing can begin.

To get the most out of your colon cleansing program, choose foods high in fiber and nutrition that will assist the cleanse in getting those toxins out and re-balancing your system. Your diet is a key contributing factor in the detoxification process.

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