How to Easily Make Shave Ice at home

Shave Ice is a delicious dessert made simply by shaving ice. Shave Ice has its origins in Taiwan dating back to the 7th century AD, however, now Shave Ice is enjoyed all over the world with many different variations around the world.

Making Shave Ice (The Easy Way)

The easiest approach to Shave Ice starts in your kitchen, there is no need professional machines or grinders that you might find used by street vendors or in restaurants. The simplest approach to shave ice needs only a food processer, ice cubes, and your own personal flavoring of choice.

1. Grind The Cubes – Make Shave Ice

To make the shave ice: grind ice cubes in a food processor, using only a few cups at a time until the ice begins to resemble a slushie texture almost like snow.

In order to make the perfect fluffy ice, you should invest in a nice shave ice makers. Compared with traditional american snow cone machines,  the Japanese ones make super fine shaved ice like fluffy snow. Binsu, snow cone, or the traditional kakigori will be so easy to make in your kitchen !

2. Add Syrup or make your own from scratch

You can buy ready-made syrup at most grocery stores. Many popular flavors of shave ice include mango, grape, strawberry, pineapple, and lemon to name a few. If you really want to get creative you can make your own syrup at home and drizzle it on top of your shave ice.

3. Add Toppings – (Icecream, Fruits or Milk)

Shave Ice is different depending on where you go, however, some popular additions to shave ice include a simple vanilla ice cream to add some flavor. Some people like to experiment with different kinds of fruits in their shave ice and other times adding fresh unsweetened milk is the way to go.

The best thing about shave ice is how versatile it is. Many different cultures have added their own take on shave ice, adding different processes to making it, different ingredients, different ways of making their syrups and different toppings to the sweet dessert.

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