How to Double (Even Triple) Your Efficiency

To be really efficient, you must plan everything. Write down the things you need to do for a scheduled period (let’s say for the coming week). Then evaluate if you’re really efficient in doing all of those things.

You must practice efficient time management, which entails the delegation of your tasks. You can delegate those that you’re not really capable of doing to someone else who can do them better. And if you don’t enjoy doing something, the more you should assign it to someone else. Remember that you can reach success much, much faster only if you actually love what you’re doing.

If you think the task requires your full attention, then find out everything you need to know and do before you start doing it. You need to adequately prepare for any task in order to do it much better.

You might think that planning and setting goals are a waste of time, that you should jump right into your tasks to save time.

Big Mistake!

By preparing beforehand, you will know exactly what to expect and accomplish when you’re actually doing the tasks. You will be likened to a guided missile, fully focused in finishing anything you ought to do. You won’t have to waste time thinking of what to do next.

But what if you lack knowledge in doing something? How do you prepare for such things?

Learn everything you need to know about the subject. Read books, listen to audios, attend seminars, ask advice from people knowledgeable in the subject, etc.

If you learn about something without actually applying the lesson, you might easily forget it. To resolve this, spend some time contemplating on what you’ve learned. Think about how you can apply it to real life, on how you can apply it now or in the future. See how you can benefit from this knowledge and imagine yourself actually applying it to people around you.

Knowledge is power, only if you apply it. You may not be able to apply what you’ve learned immediately; but by utilizing this technique and infusing the knowledge into your inner being, you will be able to summon it in times when you need it.