How to Do Term paper editing

Term paper editing is an integral part of the whole writing process. No matter how well written your text is, minor mistakes would affect the quality of your work. After you have finished writing look at your text from a reader’s point view. Only then would you be able to correct the mistakes. Becoming just a reader of your work is not easy. So there should be a gap of time between writing and scrutinizing it in order to develop a reader’s eye.

You might not have thought of incorporating headings while writing. If the text is lengthy or if it deals with sciences or social sciences then headings prove to be a good guide of the contents of each part of the text. Headings also make your document look more organized and reading becomes easier as they direct the readers through the whole text.

You might not be able to correct the mistakes by just seeing it through the reader’s eyes so it is advisable to also be a listener of your work. Read the entire text aloud. Chances are you will come across more mistakes by using this strategy. Use of active verbs, appropriate tense, inclusive language and parallel structure would improve clarity and consistency. Reduce wordiness. Avoid vague words, excessive prepositional phrases and too much of ‘it is’ or ‘there are’ constructions to increase the readability. Also check the spellings, and grammatical errors. Don’t just rely on your word processor because it cannot take the role of a proofreader. It is you who can bring the maximum difference.

Your work would be strictly checked for plagiarism. So check whether you have correctly cited the directly quoted information or ideas in the style instructed by your instructor. Even if your intentions are right you might be blamed for plagiarism if you have not incorporated the correct citation style.

You might come across certain information that though useful in making the reader understand a concept, distracts the entire effect of the text. In such cases make use of an appendix. Title each appendix and refer it in the text so that the readers would know that some additional information relating to the point they are reading, is available later in the text. If you are using footnotes, number them properly and make their reference to avoid any confusion.

The text should be properly packaged. The font size, spacing, margins etc. should be according to the guidelines of your instructor. If no guideline has been provided then double space, use one-inch margins on all the sides and use 12-point type. Add a cover sheet with the title of the text, your name, date, course name and the name of the instructor neatly written on it. Arrange the text in the following order:
a) Title page
b) Abstract
c) Outline
d) The main text
e) Appendix
f) Endnotes
g) Reference page

Term paper editing can be done by dropping one or more of the above mentioned elements depending upon the instructions given to you.