How To Do Self Hypnosis – Learning How To Hypnotize Yourself

Virtually anyone can learn how to do self hypnosis, but not everyone will succeed with it in the sense that they will experience the many benefits that can be derived from it. The most significant factor behind this is the conscious mind itself. The highest function of the conscious mind lies within its capacity to reason, but this same capacity means that the conscious mind frequently acts as a doubting, critical and inhibiting factor, causing you to constantly doubt that you can in truth improve yourself and your life.

This could however – in part at least – relate to a failure to successfully accomplish the first step in self hypnosis, which is to learn how to allow yourself to become quite deeply mentally and physically relaxed.

Deep relaxation shuts down or at least reduces the influence of the conscious mind, thereby facilitating access to the subconscious where the impact or influence of the positive suggestions and mental imagery employed during self hypnosis can have their full beneficial effect.

If you’re not properly relaxed, the conscious mind will continually interfere by for example causing you to think that you’re wasting your time, or by keeping you over-aware of your surroundings or of irrelevant and unrelated bodily sensations such as itching.

If however you are deeply relaxed and your critical, reasoning and doubting conscious mind has been bypassed, then the subconscious can and will accept and absorb the “import” or “meaning” of the positive suggestions and imagery that you are impressing upon it, whether it’s in relation to confidence building, losing weight, quitting smoking or whatever, and then begin its work of manifesting the suggestions and imagery as a reality in the actuality of your life.

Your two minds, conscious and subconscious, are highly distinct from each other but are still connected. Your conscious mind, for all its misconceptions, delusions and unreliability, is nevertheless the guiding light of your life. Whatever thoughts tend to habitually occupy your conscious mind will be reflected throughout the reality of your life.

For example, a person whose conscious view of the concept of wealth and success consisted mostly of a belief that wealth is somehow wrong and that for the “average” person financial freedom is almost impossible to achieve, would be a person who in the reality of their life would find themselves constantly facing financial want and hardship, even poverty. This is because your thoughts become your reality. Whatever you continually consciously think and believe about something eventually becomes imprinted or impressed into the subconscious, which then almost imperceptibly causes you to attract to yourself conditions, people, circumstances and events in your life which will cause these thoughts and feelings to become manifested as reality in your life.

The opposite, of course, equally applies. If you continually impress upon your subconscious that you have a very strong desire for financial freedom and that you believe that you can make it happen, then your subconscious will begin to guide you to conditions, people, circumstances and events which will – one way or another – cause this image to manifest as reality in your life.

The subconscious doesn’t care if you’re “right” or “wrong”, or even if something is “real” or imagined, it simply uses its incredible and possibly infinite power to manifest in your life whatever positive or negative imagery and suggestions the conscious mind habitually impresses on it.

This is why and how self hypnosis can be a powerfully effective means of creating positive change in your life. As mentioned previously, the first thing to do is to learn how to relax. Once you have identified exactly what it is that you want to change or improve about yourself or your life, set aside two daily periods of around 10-15 minutes each, say perhaps once first thing in the morning and again in the evening.

Ensure that during this period you can have privacy and quiet and make yourself comfortable. Lie or sit down, close your eyes and begin to breathe quite slowly, deeply and regularly. Feel – allow – your muscles, from the feet to the face and neck, to gradually loosen and relax. Then fill your mind with some tranquil and calming imagery.

Let the sensation of physical and mental relaxation envelop you for a few more minutes, then invoke in your mind an image of whatever it is that you want to achieve. (Let’s say that for example you wish to become more socially confident)

In your mind see, visualize – and feel – yourself as a relaxed, self assured and confident person, enjoying the stimulating company of friends and acquaintances and seeing them enjoying yours. Mentally inject as much detail as you can into these images and feel it – emotionally – as if it’s happening now, already.

Maintain the mental imagery in your mind, then begin to slowly and deliberately verbally affirm to yourself something like “I’m confident, relaxed and attractive”. Repeat this around 20 times, all the while maintaining the image of yourself as a confident and self assured person in your mind. After a few more minutes of this, just let it fade away and bring yourself back to normal consciousness.

If you do this twice or at least once a day – every day – for a few weeks, you would begin to notice – to feel – your inner attitude towards yourself and everything around you changing. As the positive suggestions and imagery were gradually accepted and absorbed by your subconscious, you would find yourself becoming less self-conscious and self-denigrating, and more outgoing, extroverted and generally positive, with all of the benefits – social and otherwise – that that would bring.

With nothing more than a certain amount of dedication and commitment, you can use self hypnosis in this way to access the power of your subconscious mind to deal with and overcome just about any problem or difficulty that you may have.