How To Do Mentalism: 3 Amazing Mentalism Techniques To Read People’s Minds

There are several ways to look like you know how to do mentalism. Sometimes, you can’t tell which is which, especially when you’re being set up. A lot of mentalist shows, for example, often do their research on a target before calling that person on stage. You know the drill.

The so-called mind reader makes a theatrical performance out of proclaiming your name, your plate number and whether you have a dog or not. You’re amazed, of course, but have no idea that all these details about you have been found out before you even stepped into the limelight.

So how then does it actually work? What mind reading techniques can you use to delve into other people’s thoughts? Here are some amazing ways on how to do mentalism:

Mentalism Technique # 1: Get to Know the Person Well.

Are you aware that if you know a person well enough, you can eventually pick up on their thoughts? I’m not kidding. And I’m sure you’ve heard someone say this about you or about a person you know.

It’s not a coincidence, of course, that you are able to learn how to do mentalism on someone you know inside out. Being familiar with a person’s habits and frame of mind makes it easier for you to anticipate their choices and decisions. It’s all about putting your skills of observation to the test.

Mentalism Technique # 2: Don’t Blink.

Another effective mind reading technique is to carefully observe a person’s pupils. Enlarged pupils mean that the person is interested, pleased or generally receptive to what is going on. Minimized pupils, on the other hand, denotes boredom and disinterest.

Of course, this isn’t a technique you can master on your first try. And it’s not like you can lean forward and make an obvious effort to peer into a person’s eyes.

In order to learn how to do mentalism using the eyes, you need lots of practice. The best guinea pig here would be yourself. Look into a mirror and visualize all sorts of things—from pleasant to unpleasant. Then watch how your pupils react to these thoughts. You can also practice this mind reading trick on your friends and your family before trying it out at work or on somebody you don’t know very well.

Mentalism Technique # 3: Try Shotgunning.

Shotgunning is a term people use when they fire statements left and right with the hope that somebody in the audience reacts. It’s a hit or miss technique, but one that is very popular among mentalists.

For example, if you mention something about a dog and somebody’s expression changes, you’ve locked down on your target. Tell that person that their thoughts about the dog are resonating loudly across the room and you’ve picked up on them.

Learning how to do mentalism is an art. Give it the respect it deserves and you’ll surely become one of the most sought after mentalists in town.