How to Detect Online Affairs

How to Know if Your Significant Other is Involved with Someone Online

Just about everyone has heard the horror stories that accompany online affairs. An online affair occurs when a spouse begins “dating” someone online. While sometimes an online affair remains entirely virtual, many times the affair is played out physically as well.

If you suspect that your spouse could be cheating on you with an online significant other, then you should investigate the matter more in depth. Sometimes people are wrong about their loved one’s fidelity. But often times, they are right when they suspect that their mate is cheating. Here is some advice to help you solve the problem.

1. Has his behavior changed lately?
Often, when a spouse is cheating, he or she will become more recluse that usual. For example, your husband might retreat to the computer for hours each night, refusing to communicate or spend time with you. He may get online firs thing in the morning or even turn to the computer in the middle of the night if he is cheating.

2. Does he or she conceal his or her computer activity from you?
If your spouse attempts to conceal the monitor when you walk into the room, or if he or she leaves the computer when you are around, chances are good that he or she could be doing something of a furtive nature online. He may be reading emails from his online date or he could be browsing through a classifieds site. If you mate simply closes the computer screen because he or she wants to direct attention to you when you’re in the room, then you’re probably okay. Try not to get too suspicious at the onset.

3. Has he or she stored more photos on the computer than usual lately?
If he or she has taken an interest in storing and uploading photos online, he may be sharing them with an online date. Ask him why he’s taken such a keen interest in photos. It could be that he’s simply found a new hobby.

4. Have you found URLs that suggest infidelity?
Many Web browsers keep a cache of links that have been recently accessed. If you suspect infidelity, then you may want to run a search on recently accessed Web sites.

5. Ask him or her.
The easiest way to find an answer to any question is to ask your mate for the truth. Note that he or she may not be entirely honest with you and could be upset that you would suggest infidelity. However, if you feel strongly that they are cheating, then you need to know,