How to Decorate Your Hotel or Restaurant for the Holidays

With the arrival of Christmas comes the exciting prospect of being able to decorate your hotel or restaurant in a festive fashion.

Christmas is a time of warmth, excitement and enjoyment, so your hotel or restaurant should reflect that in the way it’s decorated. There are all sorts of details involved in making your restaurant or hotel look festive and celebratory.


In the dining area, it would be a nice idea to think about changing the napkins and table linen to resemble the Christmas season, giving that festive feeling that people love during this time of year. These can be ordered in a wide range of colours and patterns and may really add to the attractive, Christmas feel of your restaurant and give the patrons something to warm too.

Colour Schemes & Soft Furnishings:

Colour schemes are also very important and can make all the difference. Deciding on a festive colour scheme that complements your current scheme means you are able to add that festive touch without too much hassle. Pick about two alternative colours for your Christmas theme that add a hint of festiveness. This will ensure that the seasonal décor doesn’t overpower the current décor, otherwise it may end up look over the top, or tacky.

Festive curtains, whether in Christmas colours, such as red, green, or in Christmas prints are another consideration that can add to the seasonal décor. In addition, you could also add festive pillows and cushions in hallways, as well as other soft furnishings. All these will help to add that special festive feel to your hotel.

It’s the Little Things:

The little things make all the difference and are the things that the customers will notice first. Adding items such as Christmas lights hung on indoor plants, Christmas trees, or areas such as mantel pieces is the quickest and easiest way to give the room that holiday feel.

Of course, there is more to the whole Christmas décor than the smaller items. Larger items, such as the addition of a Christmas tree here or there really help to establish the arrival of the holiday season.

Details, Details, Details

Other details that create the festive feel are fires, candles and wreathes and other Christmas greenery. These decorations are iconic Christmas items and would be strange to leave out. However, these are usually traditional in style. So, if you’re after a modern twist then have a look on the high street, you’d be surprised what interesting and modern designs are out there. Of course, last but not least, a little mistletoe here or there is a fun and cheeky way to add festive cheer – make sure to add some.