How to deal with fear

How to get over your fears
Fear is one of the greatest enemies of success. All stories of successful people that are told always show us the in order for a person to succeed he needs to have a lot of courage in order to:
1) Dare to do what others were afraid to do
2) Dare to withstand rejections and criticism
3) Dare to to take risks
Fearful people on the other hand run from the race. They either avoid problems by making up excuses or they escape using unhealthy escapement methods such as procrastination or even drugs.
That’s why its extremely important to learn how to be brave and to face your fears.
How to get over your fears
1) Fears grow when you avoid them: The more you avoid your feared objects the more will your fears grow. Fueled by false beliefs and your wrong thoughts your fears will become bigger and bigger. The only thing that can break this chain is to find out whether what you fear really exists or not. if you fear dark places then you need to go to a dark space and spend sometime there just to prove to yourself that you were afraid of nothing.
2) Change your false beliefs: some people believe that making a mistake makes them less worthy and because of that reason they never dare to try to reach what they want. There are hundreds of similar false beliefs that prevent people from being brave. Find out the ones that control your mind and get rid of them.
3) Fear is more scary than what you are afraid of: right after facing what you were afraid of you might discover that fear itself was worse the worse outcome. Failure can hurt but fear of failure hurts more. If you failed then tried again you wont feel bad anymore but if you remained afraid of failure then you are very likely to keep suffering for a very long time
4) Failure is way worse than fear: a friend of mine once told me that he is afraid to try to pursue his goals because failure will be unbearable, I replied saying “you are going to fail anyway if you didn’t try, at least give your self a fair chance of success by becoming braver”. If you didn’t try then you will certainly fail and for most people failure is way worse than facing fears.
5) Stop listening to people: fear is like a cold, a healthy person can be infected with it if he came in contact with an infected person. People talk about their fears all the time and they transfer them to others. If you kept listening to people you are very likely to acquire more fears and to reach nothing in life. Listen to your own inner voice, the voice of braveness and courage.