How to Deal with Canker Sores

Canker sores can make even the simplest of daily activities such as eating, speaking, or chewing food very difficult to do. Canker sores may be small in size, but the pain and discomfort that they bring can be enough to make a few days of your life a challenge to go through – and can even affect the overall feeling of well-being that you should be enjoying.

If you have canker sores, do you just wait for them to go away? Or are there some things that you can do to make the situation much easier to deal with? Going to your dentist for some advice will be helpful, since your dentist can examine the canker sores and give you professional opinion on how to ease your suffering. However, you can also do a few things on your own to ease the discomfort brought by canker sores – and these steps may also be successful in shortening the period of time that you will suffer from these sores.

Dealing with Canker Sores
Here are few ways which will help you deal with these painful canker sores:

1. Tooth brushing should be done in a gentle manner to avoid further bruising of the part where the canker sores are. Avoid toothpaste with whitening ingredients, as these may be too harsh and may irritate the sores even more.

2. While tooth brushing should be done in the most careful manner, it is also important to practise good oral hygiene by ensuring that brushing is done on a regular basis. This will help in maintaining a clean mouth, preventing bacteria from further aggravating the canker sore concern.

3. Avoid eating food items that are hard, have sharp edges, or are generally abrasive (such as potato chips, or crusty bread). Hard or sharp food items may accidentally brush against the canker sores, and may make the problem bigger and much painful.

4. Stay away from spicy or acidic food items as the spiciness and acidity can irritate the inner lining of your mouth – and can make the problem of canker sores even worse.

5. Oral topical ointments or gels can be applied to the canker sores to hasten their healing, and to ease the discomfort. Do not hesitate to ask your dentist about the best topical ointment if you are unsure of what product to use.

Canker sores though appear small, are very much irritating. These painful sores are a result of lack of proper oral hygiene and hence, their presence suggests that it’s time you start paying attention to every detail of your dental habits.