How to Deal with Body of Dog after Death

What options do you have after your dog dies (e.g., burial, cremation, etc…what are the options for dealing with the body, especially if you live in the city and don’t have a yard).

So, you have lost that lovely dog that you have loved for so long?

Don’t worry too much about that. It is now time for you to give it the most befitting burial or cremation that it deserves.

Deciding how best to lay your dog to rest depends on you. Below are your options:

Home Burial: You might feel so attached to your dog and find it necessary to bury it in your home- in your backyard or any space available in your home.

Many people do this so that they always feel the sense of closeness to the dog. And the fact that they know the exact spot where the dog was buried gives them a sense of closeness that they can always ‘see’ and feel it.

Home burial is preferred by most people because of the low cost and also because they are in complete control over the place that their pets are buried. They are able to place a memento to the burial spot and tend to it as tenderly as they want.

However, the only problem I have observed with home burial is when you would have to move. This can cause a problem as you won’t be able to move with the buried pet. Also, many people don’t like this because seeing the burial spot of the dog would continue to give them the feeling of loss.

Cemeteries burial: Just as there are human cemeteries for burial so are there pet cemeteries for burial of pets. To bury your dog or pet in such pet cemeteries you will have to pay a certain amount of money depending on what size and type the coffin of your pet will be. In certain pet cemeteries you will have to pay for the maintenance of the plot.

Note that you will also need a pet coffin when burying your pet. According to The Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria, the recommended depth of grave plots is to be at least 0.9m.

The problem with pet cemeteries is that they cost money, especially money for maintenance. In many pet cemeteries if you don’t keep paying for maintenance, the pet grave might eventually be repossessed and even reused.

Many people don’t see the sense in keeping up with maintaining a pet cemetery when they might end up having many dead pets during the course of their lifetime.

Cremation: When considering cremation for their pets, some owners insist on the ashes of their pets to be returned to them in a container. If you are one of such owners, don’t be surprised that the ashes that will be returned to you will be very small quantity.

Surprised? Don’t be. Most living creatures you see are mostly water- that is why when cremated, the ashes are of small quantity.

So, make sure that the cremation service for your pet is one that has credibility of doing good job with their cremation. If you just use any service they might either give you the ashes of another pet or mess up the entire cremation process completely.

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