How To Cure Procrastination: 3 Powerful Ways To Stop Procrastination And Take Action

Knowing how to cure procrastination might not seem like such a big priority, but procrastinating does have the potential to make life more difficult for you. You may not see it that way now as you settle yourself comfortably on the couch instead of working on your paper; but come next week, you’ll definitely start feeling the effects.

With the deadline looming and a bunch of other tasks waiting in line, you’ll wonder how you ever got into such a mess in the first place. Well, we all know the answer to that. What you now need to know is how to cure procrastination.

That in itself is a tricky thing. Even if you want to deal with your problem, you might end up waiting until next week or next month to start working on it. If you really want to learn how to stop procrastination, you must be committed to the cause 100%.

Here are some tips to help you overcome this awful habit:

1) Be Excited About It.

One effective way on how to cure procrastination is to give yourself encouragement. Tell yourself that there is no better time than now to do your task.

Excite yourself with the prospect of actually finishing something on time or excite yourself with the project itself. Imagine the worst possible consequences of delaying your actions. Thinking about the benefits of accomplishment and the penalty of laziness is a powerful way to cure procrastination.

2) Remind Yourself And Increase Your Accountability.

Remind yourself about an upcoming project or a report that still needs to be finished. Do this by writing in your planner or sticking post-its right where you can see them.

If possible, increase your sense of accountability by telling your friends or relatives about what you plan to accomplish. That way, you will feel “embarrassed” if you don’t take action, so that would likely motivate you to get on with your tasks.

3) Be Generous with Yourself.

Rewarding yourself is a wonderful way to cure procrastination. With every task accomplished (without procrastination), a reward should be bestowed. It might seem silly to be the one to reward yourself, but this kind of system actually has a very positive effect on people.

The reward can be as simple as a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop or that nice, velvet coat you’ve seen in the mall… It’s all up to you. You should, however, avoid giving yourself rewards that are counterproductive to stopping procrastination. For example, don’t reward yourself with 3 procrastination free passes!

Learning how to cure procrastination is a step everyone must take. Not only does it give your life a sense of order, it also reduces stress and increases the chance of success.