How To Cure Insomnia With Hypnosis Downloads

There’s nothing worse than having to get up in the morning after a sleepless night, trying to go about your day to day tasks, feeling as if you are running on an empty tank; you can’t think straight, your body feels heavy and all you want to do is curl up in a ball and sleep. And yet, by the time darkness falls, your body seems to waken up and you just know that yet another sleepless night awaits you. A self-fulfilling prophesy then ensues.

Some people get to sleep and then awaken after an hour or so, wide awake and alert for the remaining hours before dawn, sleepiness returning at dawn, just when you need to get up. Others simply cannot get to sleep. There are many variations of sleep disturbances, but whatever your particular pattern is, the effect on your day to day life is extremely debilitating.

In an ideal world, the norm is to go to bed at night, fall asleep within a few minutes and awaken approximately seven and a half hours later. For some people it’s less, for some slightly more, but this is the average time required in sleep. As you sleep your brain wave patterns alter from the normal beta pattern of waking consciousness to the alpha waves of deep relaxation and on to the delta waves of sleep and the theta waves of REM sleep (dreaming). In normal sleep your brain waves pass through a cycle which takes about 90 minutes for each one and then the next cycle occurs, and this keeps happening throughout the night.

The theta wave (REM) stage of sleep is so essential to our well being that should you be deprived of it for very long you would become psychotic. (I’m not making that up, or over dramatizing this effect – it has been shown in scientific research.) During this stage of REM sleep there is interaction between the different areas of your brain which allows conflicts to be resolved, and this is played out symbolically in your dreams. You may not be aware of dreaming, but be assured you do. When deprived of sleep, your brain will ensure that what sleep you do have involves as much theta wave time as possible as a matter of sheer survival.

So what has hypnosis got to do with all this? In hypnosis your brain wave patterns also alter from beta to alpha-theta. Hypnosis is normal and natural; it is that same state that you achieve when you are between wake and sleep whereby the alpha brain wave pattern may be observed. And as you go into deeper hypnotic states the theta wave pattern is evident. Thus by learning to use self-hypnosis, you are in effect also learning the art of getting to sleep. You can actually learn HOW to get to sleep simply by listening to a hypnosis download.

For most of us we just go to sleep and we wake up and we have absolutely no idea of how it actually happens. For those who have lain awake, tossing and turning our way through the night, there is now an easy (and natural) solution; Armed with the knowledge of how our brain waves alter in sleep and that this is shown to be similar whilst in hypnosis, we now know HOW we can learn to get to sleep.

Most people do not realize what hypnosis actually is and so are afraid of it. It is a normal and natural state of relaxation and I encourage you to do a little bit of research for yourself, so that you can understand for yourself what it really is and appreciate what a valuable tool it is to our health and well being. Don’t just trust me; make sure you truly feel comfortable with this natural art.

Another fear that people have is that they are not susceptible to hypnosis. Let me reassure you that everyone is susceptible, to one degree or another. And hypnosis is like anything else you learn in life; you get better at it with practice, and therefore you can learn to access deeper and deeper states; just as the yogis have learned to access a theta state in moments, so too can you. It just takes practice, and this is easy with the guidance of a hypnosis download.

You can access a free hypnotic relaxation via the home page of my website. Try it out and see for yourself how easy it is to relax when you know how to do it. And notice too how you relax more quickly and deeply each time you use it.

Not only does learning to use self-hypnosis show you how to relax and sleep, you can take advantage of the increased communication between left and right brain functions which occur when in the alpha-theta state. I said earlier that conflict resolution is the purpose of the REM state; thus if you are suffering from inner turmoil, hypnosis provides the requisite environment in which to resolve it properly.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for health and well-being.