How To Create Massive Profits Online With The Trump Network

Ok, so you’ve gotten started, your kit has come, you’ve got your personalized nutritional products, and now you’re ready to start making some fast cash with The Trump Network. How do you get started?

To start you on your path to riches, you pick of the phone and proceed to bother everyone you’ve ever met with your wonderful new ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ yet to no avail. None of your family, friends, and people at church seem to ‘get it’. What do you do?

Now even though I love my family, they’re not the best business people I’ve ever met in my life. (At least most of them aren’t). So what should you do? Should you buy ‘Trump Network Leads’, post ads in the newspaper, or try and ‘sneak’ the Trump Network into all of your social circles?

Since I don’t want to write a 20 page report, I wanted to give you 4 of the most powerful concepts in the world of The Trump Network, to help you get off and running with a head start. Here are 4 of the most important things you could do:

1. Get creative. Learn to do things in an innovative, creative way. I’m sick of hearing all of the ‘duplication baloney’ that is all over the internet. Leaders are made from innovation – not duplication, and the largest organizations in The Trump Network prove it. Learn to stand out by applying your individual skills, talents, and abilities.

2. Make your sales funnel an automatic process through the power of technology. There are a thousand unique, fabulous systems that can automate the sales funnel for The Trump Network, and there are two really good ones I can think of from the top of my head. The simple fact is that most marketers waste precious time, effort, and money with pointless processes that lead to frustration, when they could be automating their process with a system, like I do. If you ignore this tip – you’re not going to make it big with The Trump Network – period.

3. Learn to use online marketing tactics to grow your customer base and sponsor more reps automatically. If you could create 20 or more leads every single day over the next couple of years with The Trump Network, imagine how much money you could make. The biggest problem that new distributors have in their MLM business is that they don’t have enough leads to really make the process work for them. There are a lot of ways to market, and I recommend finding one way and sticking with it until you master that one strategy. If you have money, Google Adwords is the best way to start. If you want to master the simple secrets to getting unlimited free traffic, use articles and videos like I do.

4. Master the steps to talking to prospects over the phone. Now there are a bunch of MLM liars that teach otherwise, but the only two skills that you ever need to learn to make a bunch of money with The Trump Network is how to create leads and how to close them once you have them. Learn to build a rapport, ask simple open ended needs based questions, and ask for the sale. If you do those simple things you’ll out perform 90% of everyone in The Trump Network.

For this moment, those are all of my tips! Enjoy the ride and if you’d like to know more about The Trump Network, be sure to read my Review Of The Trump Network.