How To Create Financial Freedom

Achieve Financial Freedom with Feng Shui

It’s the middle of the month and you are still struggling to pay the mortgage, car payment, and make sure the electric company doesn’t turn off your power. The kids need new clothes and shoes; the fridge is bare, and just once you want to be able to get through a month of bills without the never-ending agony. You’ve been there, you know you have. We all have. Most families and individuals struggle financially from time or time or constantly. It happens.

The frustrating part is that most of us work hard, try to be money savvy, and do without the little things to make sure that paycheck stretches. Some of us take second jobs just to make ends meet. The result of all of this work and feeling of treading water leaves us with a horrible energy imbalance. Even if the ideas of chi and energy are unfamiliar to you, you still feel the results. You don’t have patience with your children or spouse. On a personal level you know something isn’t right. You’re constantly tired and ill tempered. It’s time to get rid of your money worries once and for all. With the use of Feng Shui, financial freedom isn’t just a pipe dream. You can create the positive energy flows necessary to achieve peace of mind.

It’s no secret that money comes from work. For this reason, your work space is where you should focus your energy to produce a more balanced, harmonious environment. For those who work in an office outside their home, there are certain steps you can take to increase your wealth and productivity at work. It all adds up to positive steps in the right direction on the road to financial freedom.

Let’s take a look at how your desk is placed in the office. If at all possible your desk should be placed either directly facing or on a diagonal to the main door of your office. Under no circumstances should you sit with your back to the door. It is also important in Feng Shui to check door alignment. In other words if the office door across the hall isn’t in line with your office, use a mirror to promote the constant flow of energy. Not everyone has full walls in their work area. If you have partitions or partial walls, the use of mirrors is helpful here as well.

With the furniture in your work space placed properly, you can focus on more Feng Shui tips to improve your financial freedom. Plants are a tremendous help in this regard. Being green and full of life, plants will help to encourage growth and life in your job and money making ability. If you don’t have the time or inclination to grow a plant, artificial ones are just as effective. You have to be sure to keep them dusted and clean.

Finally focus on the decorations you place in your area. When you work outside the home, it may be easier on you to use things that aren’t obviously Feng Shui. The last thing the energy flow needs is negative comments and feelings from others. Luckily, Feng Shui works just as well with any type of décor as long as the placement is correct. Pictures and paintings are great for this purpose. Choose images that represent a variety of different elements and aspects of total balance. Any image that inspires positive feelings in you will help a lot.

On the home front, the home office Feng Shui rules is similar to the ones for outside office space. Obviously there are a few differences. If at all possible, have a separate entrance into your office. If that isn’t possible, place the space separate from your living quarters. This way you are able to separate work from home. In the event that your office must be part of the main house, separate your area with a partition or large plants. Remember from above how important green plants are to the flow of money and balance.

In either type of office, it is vitally important to Feng Shui and financial freedom to keep things clean and clutter free. Clutter represents a disorganized mind and physically blocks the flow of good energy. All supplies should be kept neatly stacked and labeled. If possible leave a few inches between the walls and your office furniture to further enable the positive chi to move through the space.

Sometimes it takes more than hard work to achieve financial freedom. Feng Shui is an amazing aid in creating the type of life you have always wanted for yourself and your family. With financial freedom comes a more peaceful existence, a balanced life, and the opportunity to more fully appreciate your loved ones. The steps are simple and make a huge difference in your ability to succeed.