How to Create a Name for Your Cleaning Business

Copyright 2006 The Janitorial Store

Before you open the doors of your cleaning business you not only need equipment and supplies, you need a name for your business. The name of your company will be the first thing prospective clients see – whether that is in the phone book, on your company car, in an ad, or on a website. The name symbolizes what your cleaning business represents. So it is important to spend some time on choosing a name that not only fits your cleaning business, but also presents a positive image to customers, suppliers and employees.

The easiest way to name your business it to use your own name or initials, such as Joe Smith’s Cleaning. This provides a personal touch, is easy to remember, and if you have a proven track record in the business, it can attract customers. However, if your plan is to one day sell your business, you might want to consider something less personal.

Instead of using your name or initials, you may want to think of descriptive or suggestive wording for your business name. When going this route begin by brainstorming key words or phrases that have something to do with the business: clean, cleaning, squeaky clean, house cleaning, commercial cleaning, janitorial services, etc. Write down as many words as you can think of and use a thesaurus to create more wording possibilities.

You can also use words that describe the benefits your clients will get from using your service: spotless, spic-n-span, dust free, immaculate, etc. Take the words from your two lists and start combining them into various business names: Sparkling Waters Cleaning Company, A1 Janitorial Services, APlus Cleaning, Spic-n-Span Cleaning. As most businesses also use a tag line or motto, look through your list to see if any of your potential names suggest possibilities. For example, “Sparkling Waters Cleaning – Your floors will look like sparkling waters”.

Try out different names and combinations and then judge the names by the following:

– Is it easy to pronounce?

– Is it concise?

– Is it easy to remember?

– Is it distinct?

– Does it convey the message you want your customers to see?

– Is it pleasant to hear and repeat over and over again? – Is it something you can stand behind?

Before you can begin using your business name, check to see if the name is already trademarked. Do an Internet search at the USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) at . Then check with your local secretary of state to see if anyone else in your state has already registered that name. Once you have decided if the name is available and can represent your business, run it by family and friends to get their reaction.

The business name is the flag that can wave down potential customers. Once you have decided on a name it will most likely be with you throughout the life of the business. Putting the time into researching a suitable name for your cleaning business is one way to get your business off and running in the right direction.