How To Cope On The Golf Course When You Have Lost Your Swing

So how the heck can a swing go missing? How can a swing get itself lost? Surely every swing you take is in fact unique, and you will perhaps intentionally vary swing plane, speed, length of back swing, length of follow through, and so on?

Each shot you take on the golf course will require your swing to be tailored to achieve the desired end result. Thus when you think to yourself that you have “lost your swing” you are thinking an erroneous thought, one that will also serve to confuse yourself even further.

The reality of the matter is that you did not apply the club face upon the ball in the way in which you had hoped. And this eventuality perhaps happened on a few consecutive shots. With each shot that didn’t turn out as planned you in all likelihood lost your confidence and we all know what happens when that happens to you upon the golf course.

If you do not apply your club to the ball with clear and confident intent your golf ball will in all likelihood go off upon a frolic of its own planning!

It is essential in golf to look at each swing separately. It is only by seeing each unique circumstance that you will understand what did really happen. Perhaps on one shot the lie was not as flat as you have estimated, perhaps you came off plane at the top of your back swing or perhaps you gripped too tightly.

There are many, many things that you might or might not have done. But you have to look at each swing individually so as to appreciate what happened. Thus the very first thing to do when you are out on the golf course and you find yourself thinking “I have lost my swing” is to catch this erroneous thought quickly and change it pronto!

It may well be that you can, in looking at each poorly executed swing individually, identify a pattern that has manifested itself. Perhaps you can see that the ball is spinning off to the right or left consistently, or that your ball is flying at a lower or higher trajectory, and so on.

You will quite likely find that you have veered away from your pre-shot routine or that you were hovering over the ball feeling worried about your shot. I say this because if your primary thought is “I have lost my swing” it will probably over-ride everything else that you should have been doing!

Thus the very next thing to do, after catching and stamping out that erroneous thought, is to commit to your pre-shot routine, planning your next shot clearly in your mind, visualizing it and feeling for the right feel during your practice swing. This will get you back in the moment, focusing where you need to focus, at the same time as it relaxes you and instills confidence.

Roseanna Leaton, golf addict and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.

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