How To Convince Someone To Do Something: 5 Tips To Persuade Anyone

There are various ways on how to convince someone to do something. I’m not talking about anything like bullying or blackmailing. Physical coercion is far too messy for me and blackmailing is just plain dirty, isn’t it?

If you want to know how to convince someone to do something, then read on for more.

1) Establish Rapport First.

When a person likes you, it is easier for you to get them to do something. For example, if you’ve always been a good student, then your teacher will probably be able to raise your grade a point or two higher if you asked.

But if you hardly ever attend class, fail all your exams and generally don’t put in any effort, do you think that your teacher will even give you the time of day?

2) Be Different.

Here’s how to really convince someone to do something – highlight the task’s uniqueness. Make it sound special and something that only one person can do well. If you pull this off correctly, then any job will sound like a worthy cause.

3) Find Out Their Likes And Dislikes.

Doing your research first is very important. Asking and observing a person’s likes and dislikes can put you in a good place as far as that person is concerned.

If you learn that the person you’re trying to convince is fond of chicken but allergic to seafood, bring them to a place where there is good chicken and not a scale of fish to be seen.

4) Be On Their Side.

Another effective way on how to convince someone to do something is to show them that you’re looking out for their best interests.

If you’re a salesman, then you must forget all about your quota, your commission and anything else you can get out of the sale. Never talk about how their purchase can benefit your status in the company.

Mention, however, how the product can make their life easier. Always talk about the benefits for them; not for yourself.

5) Appeal To Their Morals.

Sometimes, a person’s age or status can help you decide which tactic to use. A more mature person, for example, is more likely to be persuaded when you talk about good morals and outstanding conduct. Priests and people who are into public service are also quite susceptible to arguments that deal with good morals.

Learning how to convince someone to do something takes a lot of practice as well as observation. Once you figure out how to apply these tips, you’ll have no problem persuading people to do anything at all.