How to Conserve Gas This Summer

Does it seem like gas prices keep going up and up this summer? That’s because they are. This summer, gas prices have risen so much that this year is likely to become the costliest year for gas on record, according to USA Today. The average price for gas is $3.71 a gallon nationally, and in many parts of the country gas prices are higher than $4 a gallon. That high price can put an extra burden on people who don’t have public transportation options available to get them to work or other destinations. Those people need to drive to get where they need to go. For those drivers we have tips on what you can do to conserve gas while driving:

Drive Smarter
Many times, the way we drive can influence the performance of our cars, thus influencing our gas mileage. You don’t necessarily need a fuel efficient car to drive efficiently, though it certainly makes it easier. You just need to be smarter about how you drive your car and how you use it while driving.

Accelerating your car increases gas consumption, so in order to conserve gas while driving, try to accelerate slower. Driving slower also saves gas, as your need to accelerate decreases the slower you drive. You should also use cruise control whenever possible. By using cruise control, you can keep your car at a constant speed, meaning you won’t need to accelerate or brake as much, conserving gasoline.

Another way to conserve gasoline is to be mindful of the appliances you use while you are driving. For example, driving with your AC on puts an extra burden on your engine increasing the amount of gas you use while the car is in use. Avoid using your AC as much as possible; this will help you conserve gas. Also, be aware of when your lights are on. If you are keeping your lights on while they are not needed you are again putting an undue extra burden on your car’s engine, increasing gas consumption. By being aware of what appliances you use, and using them as little as possible, you will be able to conserve gasoline.

In order to conserve gasoline just drive smarter. There is no need to drive with a led foot and blast the AC all of the time. By being a smarter driver you can make your car more efficient, saving gas.

Avoid Traffic Jams
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Unfortunately, everyone on your morning commute to work knows this as well. The shortest path isn’t always the most efficient. If you find yourself stuck in traffic jams on your way to work, home, the grocery store, etc. then you may want to consider finding alternative routes to get where you need to go. Traffic jams increase your car’s fuel consumption as they necessitate a lot of stopping and starting, which requires more accelerating.

If you find yourself stuck in traffic, consider planning alternative routes. Driving the shortest distance doesn’t always take the shortest time and if you are constantly stuck in traffic jams then your fuel consumption will be greater. Sometimes taking the long way to get you where you need to go will save you gas, especially if you can avoid traffic jams along the way.

Carpooling is the simplest way to conserve gasoline. Sharing the burden of driving with others will not only conserve your gasoline intake, but it will conserve theirs as well. Work out a carpooling plan with a coworker nearby, or create a schedule with several people in order to save even more gas.

By sharing the burden of driving with others you can conserve the amount of gas you use. This will save you money along with the people you carpool with.

With the price of gasoline rising across the country it may be time to reconsider how you get around. By driving your car efficiently, planning your routes efficiently and even carpooling, you can conserve the amount of gas that your car consumes. These tricks will ultimately save you time and money, easing the burden on your car and your wallet.