How To Clear Negative Thoughts Keeping You From What You Want

I have been reading through my books on abundance lately and found the perfect exercise. The method mentioned below left me with a fantastic feeling that “all good things are on the way.”

After a few minutes I felt the peace of clarity that had been escaping me for years. No seminar or guru could mimic the feeling I got after trying this simple little exercise.

First it is important to know that the universe wants to give you what you want. It listens to your emotions more than your words and it does not respond to the opposite. The universe will create for you what you think most about. So think about what you want, not what you don’t want.

This little exercise will help you to think more positively and become clearer.

Don’t try to dismiss or ignore negative thoughts when they come. When you give them attention or emotions like anger this just empowers your negative and destructive thoughts.

Negative thoughts may come but don’t lose hope, one positive thought outweighs 100 of its negative counterparts. When these bad thoughts come along do this; say the opposite – out loud if you can. For example: “I don’t have enough money” becomes “I have an abundance of money in my life.”

You have fantastic tools available to you right now. You can think of what you want and empower it with light. Do it now. Think of what you want – the beautiful image.

Now think of the reasons why you CAN’T have it. Write it out on a chalkboard then erase it. (This one worked great for me) But you can try other ways to distort the words: stretch them, make them smaller, fade out, see them drift off into the static of a television screen. Do this with all the reasons you can’t have this specific thing you want.

Now think of a reason you CAN have this thing you want. See the words in your mind – encircle and empower the words with white light. Hear the words being spoken by the beautiful voice of someone you love.

Now picture that thing you want. See yourself drawn closer to it. You can feel it, make the image bigger. Place yourself inside this imagining. Bring yourself into it. You can see it, smell it, taste and touch it.

By making the negative thoughts smaller you take away their power. Also by making the positive image of what you want bigger and more vivid you increase it’s speed and ability to manifest in your reality.

I hope you have read something here that helps in making your dreams a reality as it has mine.