How to Choose your Bathroom Suite

There are many varieties of bathroom suites available, but your choices will ultimately come down to how large your bathroom is and the shape it takes. Even the smallest bathroom can have its own distinct look if you decide the right bathroom suite. Choosing the right bathroom suite can make life more comfortable and convenient.

If you are stuck for ideas have a good look around and don’t go making rash decisions. Your local DIY store or home stores will offer you a wide selection of suites and give you an idea on prices. You can also find many magazines too for an insight into the different models and types available. A visit to the local DIY or bathroom showroom will most certainly give you some inspiration too and on the internet, you can find stores worldwide with plenty of ideas.

A bathroom suite has to fit your lifestyle. Don’t just choose one because you like it! A family of 4 will have far different needs than a young couple for instance. Also take under consideration the style and period of the rest of the house and decide for something that will fit in with its surroundings. If the house has traditional features then decide for a traditional style bathroom suite and not anything ultra modern as it will look out of place. Ensure your bathroom features compliment the rest of the décor and fit the period of your property.

First you need to measure the size of your bathroom and create a plan showing where the doors, windows, pipes and drainage are. You have to make notes of the position of the door and any windows and heaters that could affect the design. Don’t forget to mark where the pipe work and drainage is as they can all affect the overall design.

When making choices on suites, bathroom tiles and types of flooring, consider what would suit you and your family the most. Tiles on the floor will be easy to wash down but could be slippery for children and a bath might prove complicated for an older couple with mobility problems, in the latter example a shower would probably be a better choice.

Inspect your current bathroom and decide what features you want to keep and those you want to get rid of. This can help give you ideas, if the family is large, a shower would be more convenient if you don’t have room for both a shower and a bath.

Whilst changing the bathroom suite, you might want to go the whole way and change around the layout, add another window or remove old style tiles. Perhaps you wish to put in a shower where previously there was none. If you want to change the position of the toilet or bath, then carefully take under consideration that there might be plumbing issues as pipes will have to be moved and costs can build up.

A new bathroom will update and give your bathroom a whole new modern look. There are many types to choose from including contemporary, modern or traditional styles. Older houses might go well with a more traditional look, whilst a new modern apartment might do better with a contemporary style.

When choosing your suite, your budget will be a major deciding factor. There are many modern bathroom suites that look good but are low in price these days. If you want to buy traditional or period items but don’t have the budget, try finding a second hand store that deals in them and you might get a quality piece at a good price.

For value for money, go with a bathroom suite that is durable and won’t date quickly. A fashionable, popular look this year can already next year be helplessly out of fashion. Classic designs and simple lines will last you for a lot longer. Of course if money is not an issue and you like to keep up with the latest trends and fashions then you can always redecorate again in a few years time.

Whatever type of bathroom suite you decide for will ultimately come down to your taste, preference and budget. Look online for inspiration, a bathroom suite that suits your needs and requirements will provide many years of enjoyment.