How to Choose Table Linen

Table linen can really have a significant impact on a room, restaurant or venue and ensuring you get the right kind is of significant importance in order to give the right impression. There are a number of things that need to be considered when choosing the correct table linen and also the amount of table linen.


There are numerous things to be taken into account when choosing the colour of the table linen. Of course, the colour itself must fit in with the décor of the room and complement it. On the other hand, there must be an element of practicality about the choice. White table linen and other light colours are often preferred as they tend to fit in well with most sorts of décor. Of course, there is also the option for other darker colours, though a little more care should be taken when choosing these.


Table linen comes in a range of materials and the choice is up to you. So, let’s look at the differences.

Cotton table linen – This is long lasting, durable and can be machine-washed. Cotton table linen can be used repeatedly and it is one of its main benefits. These are usually great for more formal functions.

Poly/cotton mixtures – This blend of polyester and cotton is longer lasting than cotton alone and also soft and wrinkle-free. It provides the look and feel of cotton with longer lasting benefits. These are great for busy environments where the table linen will need to be replaced quickly and washed repeatedly.

Vinyl – These table covers are made from polyspun fabrics and provide a longer lifespan without the need to be laundered as they can be wiped. They are low cost and ideal for a quick change in aesthetics.

Disposable – Ideal for the short-term. And because they are made from spill-proof poly materials they are inexpensive and also require minimal storage or maintenance. Depending on the ply, they are highly absorbent also.


Of course, choosing the correct size and shape of the cloth is the first factor to consider when purchasing linen for your table. Take a look at your table to determine what shape and size is most appropriate. You will then need to decide whether a mid-length or floor length table linen would suit your venue and/or restaurant.

As a guide, the standard overhang is about 8 inches for a normal table, with a 15 inch drop being recommended for banquet tables. Generally, a 30 inch drop will reach the floor if this is the sort of look you’re after.

Choosing table linen may not seem easy, however with the above information you can do so with greater knowledge and pick the correct linen for your situation.