How To Choose Pitcher Water Filter

Drinking pure water is not only delicious: it is healthy. That is why the majority of people try to purify tap water. Today we are going to discuss a compact filter device – pitcher water filter; within this article, we will talk about the best models that are reliable and effective.

Compact water filters are built based on a universal principle. The pitcher has two compartments with a purifying cartridge located between them. Accordingly, the liquid is poured into the top compartment and it goes down to the bottom. Water is being purified by running through a filter and then accumulates in the bottom reservoir.

For our convenience, the entire unit is demountable; it has a form of a pitcher with a handle and a nozzle and it also has a cover. Such items are usually made of hard plastic. For consumers’ convenience, they are sometimes made with rubberized elements (a handle or a bottom, for example). Pitcher filter is a modern solution for home and office; if necessary, you can use it out of town or move it from one spot to another.

One of the main advantages of the pitchers, compared to other water filters, is that they are easy to use and provide a high quality of purification. Buying such a filter doesn’t hurt a family budget, and so does the replacement of cartridges.

You can start using the filter as soon as you bring it home from the store (don’t forget to remove all packaging pieces and to rinse the pitcher thoroughly). Installation is not required: you just need to assemble it and put in a filtering element.

It is necessary to mention alkaline water pitchers. They are used both for water purification and saturation of water with healthy minerals. Here you can read an overview of the most popular models of alkaline water pitchers.


Similar in construction, these devices may have different capacity. You must use this parameter as your guideline when choosing a pitcher water filter.

Remember: there is no need in buying a large pitcher – think of using filtered water at once. Because, according to scientists, water boiled in the kettle twice loses its healthy quality.

And if you have 3-4 people in your family, a pitcher for 0.4-0.6 gallons will be a perfect choice for you. By the way, in summer such a compact device can easily fit in the fridge, which is pretty convenient – chilled water for quenching your thirst will be within your reach. A larger pitcher filtering device (0.8 gallons, for example) will be appropriate for bigger families.


All popular brands produce high-quality products. Chinese companies make competitive filters but sometimes they can get tricky stating that their filters are made specifically for “American” water. It cannot be true because tap water differs not by country but by where it is coming from, its quality and condition of the pipes. The US is a big country and in different cities (even in different areas of the same city) tap water may differ from each other by purity, taste, and additives.

If you prefer the impeccable quality of the components and stylish European design, and the price range is not of concern, your best solution would be European products. Experience of European manufacturers and their high standards for quality control speak for themselves.  If you’re looking for promo codes in the UK, you can check out UKpromocode page.

Cartridges and Their Replacement Schedule

All well-known manufacturers care about a good assortment of filtering modules. They offer both universal and special (that remove iron, soften, anti-bacterial) filters. As a rule, they manufacture several sizes and types – for small and big pitchers.

Only if you know the quality of water at your home or summer house (where pitchers are widely used), you can easily choose the right filtering element.

According to DiligentChef website, the cartridge lasts for a month – a month and a half. It’s important to change it on time, otherwise, it might make your water even dirtier instead of purifying it. And we don’t always remember the date the cartridge needs to be replaced. That is why it is useful if the manufacturer made it with expiration indicators that tell you when the next filtering element replacement is required. Many models have mechanical expiration indicator; in more expensive European and US manufactured pitchers there are electronic expiration indicators that are more convenient.

Quality of Plastic

Experienced manufacturers don’t have any issues with quality – their product is certified. But what if you like a pitcher of a not-so-famous company? Take a pitcher in your hands and check whether it is a food-grade plastic. If it’s marked with a “fork and glass” symbol, it means that this plastic is a food-grade plastic. Smelling the plastic is also a good idea – there must be no scent of “chemicals” or plastic.