How to Choose a Florida Vacation Home

When the hotels and inns just won’t do, many vacationers look for vacation home rentals in Florida to help make their stay even more memorable. There are lots of advantages to doing so, but finding the right home for the money can be tricky. A good find will land a great place to stay that might even save money, and a bad one could make a tourist feel like they’re living in a lousy, B-rated movie.

The key to finding the best Florida vacation rentals is to first consider your family’s needs and desires. Ask these questions:

* Where in the state does the home need to be? Do you want to be right on the pristine beaches of Destin? Is the Orlando area the big appeal? Would a Key West rental be in order?
* How large should the home be? Number of bedrooms? Baths?
* How long do you intend to stay? This can really help net some savings over hotel rentals. When homes are leased out for two weeks or beyond, the per day breakdown can very often come in at a much better price than a much smaller, and less useful hotel room.
* How close should the home be to major attractions?
* Other amenities. Do you, for example, want the home to be in a golf community? Perhaps on the beach? Should it have a pool? Eat-in kitchen?

With these questions answered, it’s time to start looking for the perfect vacation rental. Checking the Internet for deals is perhaps one of the best ways to go. Do ask to see pictures and get a firm idea of the location.

Vacation rentals in Florida come with a number of advantages for tourists, too. They include:
* Potential cost savings. If the per day charges aren’t less, the fact a family can eat in once in a while will really add up.
* Great home base. A home rental is ideal for a longer family vacation where a bunch of day trips are planned. This gives the family a nice location to return to at the end of the day and a perfect place to plan the next adventure.

Vacation rentals in Florida might not be for everyone, but those who choose to go this route find it offers lots of advantages over a typical hotel room. Shopping around and answering a few questions in advance can really help the search go much more smoothly though.