How to change your room in summer

Each season of the year is an inspiration for new creations and ideas. Everything changes with every coming season, we are changing ourselves, so why not to change the things that surround us in a day-to-day life, to adjust them to our feelings?
While it’s hard to change your office environment (though you can also find a lot of ideas how to freshen it up a little bit), you almost have unlimited possibilities to change your house and garden.
When summer comes we open our souls towards everything that’s colorful, cheerful, adventurous. Let’s add more colors and emotions to our interiors!
First of all look at the light that comes to your house. The sun is brighter and hotter in summer so there is no need to turn on the artificial light during the day – in winter and fall you were compensating its lack in the rooms by lighting up your crystal chandeliers and wall sconces. Now you can concentrate on decorative and accent lighting fixtures. Track lights are the great help to fulfill any ideas. Just imagine that you put your favorite vase with a bunch of summer garden flowers to the end table beside the sofa. You can make it even more attractive by focusing one of the track lights on the flowers.
Recently there appeared different varieties of LED Mood lamps. You wouldn’t even imagine how they could change your interior! Pick up the white lilies from your garden, put them into the clear crystal vase and set a LED table lamp beside it. The flowers will change their color from light pink to intensive violet, creating the feeling that you are sitting in a fairytale with Snow White.
Add up even more plants to the rooms –why not to extend the garden into the house? Garden centers always have hanging baskets with the plants that can grow inside the house. Just install small hooks into the ceiling, hang the baskets on them – you are creating a rainforest at home. Put flowers inside the bathrooms – they will fill up your regular morning procedures with ozone and positive emotions.
If you have some free time and desire for more changes, try to play with window curtains. It’s not necessary to change them. Just add some accents – colorful glass or crystal beads, silver or gold ribbons, feathers etc. In home decoration stores it’s easy to find strings of small lights that can be hung on curtains. What an enigmatic feeling they can create together with your crystal beads! You can try to do the same things to your tablecloths, chair and sofa slipcovers, and bed throws.
In order to finish the picture, add some summer fragrance into the air. Just add a few drops of lavender oil into the clean water and spray all over your rooms. Now you are sitting in a real garden!
Be inventive. Sometimes very easy things seem complicated, simply because we never bothered to try them.