How to Change Your Life By Loving Your Life Right Now

Do you want to learn how to change your life? You can, if you are willing to love your life right now. Creating change, learning how to change your life in empowering ways, is the common thread that ties all of our goals and desires together. Yours, mine, everyone’s. We all want things to get better… we all want our lives to be full and happy.

But we also all share another universal thread, one that holds us back, one that keeps us from realizing our dreams and goals. That thread is called discontent. Now, at first you might think that discontent would be a great motivator, that if you are unhappy with the way things are, you would be driven to make the changes you want in your life.

But that is not true at all! The reality is, that in order to change your life, you must love your life the way it is right now – problems and all. Being discontent, unhappy, dissatisfied, or mad at the world for handing you such a lousy life only keeps you stuck in that negative state of mind. When you live life as a victim, you give away your power to control your own life. The same thing happens when you blame life or your boss or anything else outside of yourself for your problems. You give away your power.

But that all changes when you love your life the way it is right now. The good, the bad, the ugly, all of it. How do you do this? By deciding to. You can make a conscious decision to love your life right now – in spite of your problems, in spite of all your challenges, and in spite of whatever negativity you see in your life right now!

You see, when you come from a place of love, you are free to focus on the important things, you are free to focus on solutions rather than being stuck on the problems in your life. Unlike being unhappy with your life, being loving toward yourself is empowering and lets you move forward. It lets you change your life.

This is because we all have the tendency to continue being whatever we are being right now. If you are being unhappy with your life right now, you will probably continue being unhappy with your life for the foreseeable future… unless you change your outlook and start showing up in your life with an attitude of love and gratitude.

Loving your life the way it is now, doesn’t mean ignoring your problems, it means seeing them from a new perspective. Anything that you look at with love will look dramatically different than something you look at with discontent or unhappiness.

Try this out in your own life, and see if it doesn’t make a big difference in the way you see things. Not only will you find it much easier to reach your goals when you are loving life, you will have a much clearer vision of exactly what you want your life to be like!