How to Catch Cheating Spouse with Computer Software

Most cheaters don’t’ realize that everything they do on the computer can be secretly recorded using special software and monitoring devices. This way you can catch your cheating spouse red handed.

The software program that monitors every activity on a computer is called keylogger.

Cheaters of the twentieth century think they have a major advantage by using the Internet to communicate with their lovers. But you are the one who would have the advantage when you install this spy software like key logger that secretly records everything your partner does online.

If you suspect your spouse, there is one popular program called Acespy that can help you confirm your suspicion. This program can be secretly installed by you. It remains completely invisible to others and doesn’t’ have any icons or other items. Only you would know about this software and how to open and use it.

In your absence when your spouse uses the computer, Acespy records everything he does. Acespy records the emails that the cheating spouse sends or receives chat room conversations, websites visited, keystrokes typed and a variety of other things.

When your husband uses the home computer to write an incriminating email, you will see it. When they visit porn sites, perform cyber sex in chat rooms or do anything else that you wouldn’t approve of, you will see it using key loggers.

Such software also goes further to allow you to print incriminating items so that you can have physical proof of his cheating.

If your husband is the bossy type that just won’t allow enough time on the home computer, don’t worry. There is another variant of keyloggers called remote spy software.

This allows you to install spy software by attaching the program to an email you send to him from your office! You can simply disguise the spy software in an attached picture of you, which he has to download if he wants to view it.

After the remote spy software is self-installed, it secretly records items and sends the information to your personal spy account. Brilliant, isn’t’ it?

In case your cheating husband is affluent and has several computers at home, then how do you monitor his online affairs if he only works from the PC in his study which is inaccessible to you.

Don’t worry about this. He is still easy picking. All you need to do is to update your surveillance skill one more level by getting the network keylogger. This software allows you to actually view your partner’s screen in real time to effectively ‘check up’ on their activities at any given time.

Now that you know about keyloggers, what next?

Are you sure its worth it to know if your partner is cheating on you? Some wives would rather not know. But if you feel it is in your interest to know the truth, then go ahead and deploy the software.

Remember, however, that once you decide to monitor your husband’s actions on the computer, you must be prepared for the worst. For instance you would learn that your husband is planning to be with his mistress on Saturday, instead of being with his friends as he told you.

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