How To Captivate A Man: 3 Simple Ways To Attract Any Man

If you want to learn how to captivate a man, you need three things: beauty, brains and guts. I’ll get to all of those in greater detail in a moment. First, let me make it clear that you don’t need to go very far to find these things. You need only to look at yourself.

So if you’re ready to learn how to captivate a man, read on!


Men are very visual creatures so it’s only natural that they look at a woman’s physical attributes first. Women are the same as well.

If a homeless-looking guy who smells like he’s been clawing through the dumpster went up to you and asked you out on a date, surely you wouldn’t accept! But if someone who not only looks good but smells nice as well asks you out, well… Let’s just say his chances are considerably high.

Knowing what you know about men in general, what’s stopping you from taking better care of yourself? It could be as subtle as getting your hair cut or getting it treated (supposedly to make hair shinier and healthier). It could be as simple as changing your style a little bit – to something that best suits your body type and personality!

It’s good grooming basically. Polished fingernails and sweet smelling perfume… You don’t have to look like a model to captivate a man. You only need to make yourself look presentable.


Like beauty, you don’t need to be a scholar in order to get a guy to notice you. You can, however, show how intelligent you really are by keeping up with the conversation.

Prep yourself on current events so you’ll always have something to add to any conversation. Avoid making know-it-all remarks too much because that tends to annoy everybody in the group.

Reading books and watching television can also help fuel your brain. In fact, I’ve heard of one girl who managed to charm a guy because of all the intelligent quips she learned from watching a marathon of The Simpsons.


If you want to learn how to captivate a man, don’t be too conscious about what other people think of you. But don’t be reckless either! If you’re hanging out at a dance club, for example, don’t be afraid to dance your heart out. Or don’t be afraid to be the first to try out for the drama club… For most men, these feats of courage are very impressive.

So now that you know how to captivate a man, I suggest you go out and get a head start on this list.