How To Buy Stair Lifts

There are a number of things that you should be taking into consideration when you want to buy stair lifts for your home. In this article I will be taking a closer look at what some of the things that you should be looking for when deciding to buy a stair lift.

1. If you are looking for a quiet and smooth ride when traveling up and down the stairs on your stair lift it is important that you avoid those that use either cables or chains or ropes to haul them up the stairs. For the simple reason not only are they extremely noisy but they can cause a very jarring ride and they are also oily.

2. Also if the stair lift comes with a mains cable that is going to trail away from the unit this means it uses only AC power. So not only will it take a lot of time to install but will also be very complex as well and can only be installed by a qualified electrician. In the USA the electrician needs to be ANSE qualified. Also they tend to be extremely unreliable and there is a high risk that the person using it can at some stage be electrocuted by the device.

3. Look to see if the chair you are considering buying has a swivel seat. If it does not then this means that the model is an outdated one and could actually be a risk to the user, particularly when they reach the top of the stairs. Therefore only look at purchasing one which comes with a swivel seat but is also fitted with a safety belt as well.

4. Ask the stair lift company who is going to be installing the stair lift for you if it comes with a rack and pinion drive. Those that does not have this are very noisy and are not as stable as those that do.

5. Look for a stair lift that is DC powered and has a soft start and stop. Those that are DC powered run much more smoothly and also it means that should you have a power cut in your home it means that you will still be able to use yours even if you have no other power in your home. Whilst have the soft start and stop technology will help to ensure that the ride remains comfortable at all times.

6. Certainly if you want to ensure that your stair lift remains in good working order at all times it is best that you choose a model which has a built in diagnostic system. By having this on your stair lift will mean that you can immediately be able to recognize what the problem with your stair lift is without having to spend additional money to get a person to come out to your home to diagnose the fault.

Keep the points I have raised above in mind when it comes time to buy stair lifts for your home or business and you are assured that you will get the best model possible to meet all your requirements.