How To Buy And Display Wall Tapestries

Tapestries are just as good to have as paintings. With hundreds of designs to choose from, you are sure to find the right one which you can display in your home.

But before you go buying your wall tapestry, you have to measure the wall so you get one that is not too big or too small. Ideally, this should not fit the entire wall but right on the center with some allowance on the left and right side.

Since well designed and made tapestries go for hundreds of dollars, be sure to choose one which you can hand down like a family heirloom.

One way to do that is to bring along swatch samples of your couch, curtain or anything else in the room so you have an idea if the design you pick will work with your theme.

You can also check what material is the tapestry made of so this also matches with the furniture and the curtains in the room even if it is rare that you will find one made by hand since most of these are made by machine.

If you have found a good tapestry, don’t buy it yet and tell the person to reserve it. That way, you can check out other stores which may also have the same design and compare their prices. If this is the best price, one last place to check before you buy it and bring it home is online.

When you buy a tapestry, this does not come with its own rod and brackets. That is something you have to buy separately so when you are choosing one from the hardware store, make sure it can support the weight of the tapestry otherwise it could sag or even break later on.

Since tapestries have a tendency to bend, curl or wave later on, prepare for it right now by getting some weights that you can put at the bottom end. Another option will be to put a rod in between by sowing your own sleeve at the bottom.

For those who don’t want to hang it using a rod, another option will be to buy brads and tacks. Just make sure you have enough tacks to prevent the tapestry from sagging. You can also use Velcro by nailing on one on the wall and sewing a strip of heavy cotton will on the tapestry.

You can buy tapestries from stores but if you money is not an option, go visit an art dealer who will have better items to offer. If you happen to see one in a museum, ask them about it because they may have a reproduced copy in store waiting for you.

Tapestries have been around for hundreds of years and in a time when paintings were not the trend, this is what the rich and famous displayed in their castles and palaces.

Because these are now in mass production, you will find a variety of these around and not only for your walls. There are also tapestries that can be used as throws or rugs so go out there and get them. So this will last for many years, clean it using a light brush or vacuum cleaner at least once or twice a year and avoid letting it get direct contact with sunlight.