How To Burn More Fat When You’re Exercising

So you’re stuck at the same weight and no matter what you do, you can’t get past that plateau. Guess what? You’re not alone. However, have you tried looking at your exercise routine? You may have got yourself stuck in the workout rut as well as on that non-weight losing plateau. It’s time to shake things up, my friend, and get back to burning fat. That’s the key, you know. The more fat you burn, the more weight you’ll lose and, believe it or not, the more energy you’ll actually be left with.

If you really like your workout routine – and obviously it’s great for maintaining your current figure and weight – keep doing it, but add some interval training to it in order to burn some more fat. Beside which, you could actually get the same workout in half the time. Yes, you can cut your ninety minute workout done to forty-five minutes and actually wind up getting a better result.

Right, how does it work, you ask? Well, first off, warm up like you usually do. That’s very important because you need to make sure your muscles are ready for some intense work. You are about to embark on mixing bursts of high intensity work with your normal level intensity work and successfully overload the aerobic and anaerobic systems of your body at the same time. Start your normal routine and then kick it up a few notches for a few minutes. So, say you use a treadmill in your workout. Walk like you normally do and then break into a jog or a sprint for a few minutes. You can tell you’re doing this right because your heart will start to beat faster. You monitor it by using a heart rate monitor or by taking your pulse and multiplying it by four.

By doing this, you’re actually keeping your body from exchanging as much oxygen and carbon dioxide as it usually does. This is what makes your muscles ‘burn’ and it eliminates lactic acid, which is a toxic by product. When you feel your muscles start to tire, decrease the intensity of your exercise to a level that still keeps your pulse faster than normal so you don’t lose all the benefits of that good aerobic workout. Repeat this process of slow and easy with spurts of fast and hard for at least thirty minutes. Also, make sure when you start interval training you don’t just jump right into it. Ease into it, otherwise your legs will give out on your when you step off the treadmill and then you’ll really be in a fix.

Interval training is great to get both systems moving at the same time. It helps your body burn off calories, and subsequently fat because you’re going to metabolize the fat faster and increase muscle mass. And you can use a variety of different cardiovascular machines for a good interval workout. You even interval train by swimming, jumping rope…the possibilities are endless. Start with one interval training session a week and work in more as you go, and in no time, you’ll see the physical results of burning off more fat.

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