How to Build Your Confidence After Divorce

It seems that more people split up than stay together these days, and it’s not easy to deal with divorce, even when you are the instigator. Even if you are delighted to get divorced there is still a finality about it, the end of an era, and often there is a nagging feeling of guilt. And, at the same time, there are new beginnings, which although they are exciting, can also mean stepping outside your usual comfort zone.

There are many things which will change. If you have been in a “couple” status for some time, you tend to find that the majority of your friends are couples too, and now you are a “single” person, it can to some be a little uncomfortable to be alone amongst pairs. There is also the inevitable wondering about what everyone else thinks; will your friends support both of you, or just one of you? And how do you make new friends? These are of course minor details when compared to dealing with the kids, be they toddlers or adults, and creating a new home environment.

And then there are added issues if you didn’t want to get divorced in the first place, and are still in love with your ex. Then you have to find a way in which to step back from your emotions, so that you can begin to see things from a different angle and begin to move on. There may be another person involved and that serves to complicate matters, and emotions, even more.

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. And divorce, quite often, means that a house move is on the cards. Emotions go through the roof, charging from one end of the scale to another, and all of the time you try to put on a brave face for the kids, friends, and family and for yourself. You cannot stop questioning why it came to this, and what you did wrong, and what if you had done something differently. But these questions do not help; it’s done now, you cannot go back. It’s time to move on, time to find ways in which you can help yourself to build a new life, to gain greater inner strength and wisdom from this whole experience. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” as the saying goes.

The first step in coming to terms with almost anything is to accept that this is where you are. It is important to stop fighting it, and stop questioning, and come to that realization that for whatever peculiar reason, this is where you are meant to be at this very moment in time. Having done this you start to feel a whole lot better as your energy is no longer being wasted on useless “what ifs”. Instead you are conserving your energy for use in far better ways. Negative thoughts always sap energy, making you feel that you are spiraling ever lower into oblivion. Positive thoughts, on the other hand, give you energy and build you up until you feel invincible.

But first, just to STOP thinking those negative thoughts, you stop that sapping of energy. If you have trouble stopping these thoughts then at least make time to listen to a hypnosis download. This will help you to relax your thoughts and calm your body and mind. It will give you a “mini holiday” from the events which are whizzing around you. The relaxation associated with hypnosis will also allow you to build up your energy levels, bit by bit, encouraging the belief that you can do this, and you can cope. You can get a free hypnosis download from my website and try it for yourself.

Hypnosis downloads can further be used to retrain your brain to feel confident once again, and to help you to move on. They will help you to stop dwelling on the past and instead to focus upon the future with positivity and, dare I say it, excitement. If you accept that you are where you are because it was meant to be, then you may as well learn and grow and change into the person that perhaps you always wanted to be.

Change happens slowly and gradually, but with the help of hypnosis downloads it is a whole lot quicker and easier. You can learn to retrain your brain with hypnosis confidence suggestions and visualizations. You can learn to see things in a new way and enjoy the challenges with which you are faced. It is important to focus on things which are mood lifting and energy replenishing and hypnosis will help you to do this far more easily than you ever thought possible.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for relationship issues.