How to Build an Educated Vocabulary in 30 Days

People judge you the moment you open your mouth. It’s sad but true, we often form quick and sometimes unfair opinions of others based on the words they use. You can use words in your conversation and in your writing that will make you stand out as intelligent, educated, persuasive and competent – or you can use words that will make you seem like you don’t know what you are talking about.

When your vocabulary is letting you down, it is time to take action. The good news is that you can turn around a poor vocabulary and become a powerful communicator in 30 days or less, with just a small amount of time each day.

Remarkably, there is a lot of consistency in the words used by successful people throughout the English speaking world. In fact, you can create a true master vocabulary just by learning around a thousand words. Many of these words you will already be familiar with.

How do we know that these specific words are the key to successful communication? Numerous studies and data analysis projects have been performed which definitively identify the words that are used over and over in reputable business publications the world over.

One such study was conducted by the Princeton Review and included years of data from publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time and Scientific American. The Princeton Review researchers concluded that just 823 key words could form the basis of a vocabulary list guaranteed to make you successful in your career.

A key point to note, however, is that simply memorizing these words and their meanings will not in itself skyrocket you to success. What you are looking to achieve is the ability to use these words yourself in your day to day conversation and written communications. This is when you will really start to impress those around you, stand out from the crowd, and reap all the benefits of being a power communicator.

If you are serious about building an educated vocabulary quickly and easily, your best investment will be in one of the leading edge vocabulary building programs available today. No more lugging a heavy dictionary around or writing out lists of words by hand to memorize them – choose a software program that draws on the latest research in brain science and you will get a very easy way to make learning words fun and straightforward.