How to better your life

Sometimes things go wrong and we find ourselves feeling really down.
During these moments many of us start wishing that someone comes and saves us or helps us with our problems
How many times you felt like you wanted to be saved?
And how many times no one did?
During these tough moments your thoughts might be clouded by the emotional pain you are experiencing and as a result you might not notice an extremely important fact which is that you are the only one who can save himself!
Do you want to know who is your savior?
Just take a look at the mirror!
The law of cause and effect
The law of cause and effect states that: if you kept doing the same things you do everyday you will keep getting the same results you always get. Albert Einstein, the famous scientist, said that insanity is doing the same thing everyday then expecting a different result.
If you feel like your life is falling apart or if you are not satisfied with your life then you must get up and change something! I know it might be hard to pull yourself up while you are down but just think about it, you are the only one who can make these changes and you are the only one who can change your life to the better.
Sadly movies have taught us many incorrect things about life. Usually in the movie you see the hero stuck with a big problem then suddenly the Wiseman appears and guides him to the correct thing. In real life this wise man usually never appears!
Because just as you are the hero of your life you are that wise man as well!
You are that white knight you are waiting for!!
How to save yourself and improve your life right now
Here is how to get out of your bad mood and start improving your life:
1) Go to the nearest mirror and take a look: Go to the nearest mirror , take a look and say out loud “This person in the mirror is the only one who can save me”
2) Find out what you dislike about your life: Certainly you are feeling down for a reason whether it’s a conscious or unconscious one. Take your time to find out why exactly you are not feeling ok and once you manage to find the things that are bothering you write them down.
3) Make a plan: Start writing a plan that has the goals of changing those things you dislike about your life. Some things will be in your hand while others might be out of your hands. Start with the ones you can change and ask God to help you with the ones that you can’t change.
4) Commit to the plan or else…. If you don’t commit to the plan nothing will change and your bad mood will remain the same.
This is how to change your life for the better.