How to Best Use Lighting in Your Conservatory

As winter draws in, the use of natural light in a conservatory or an orangery is limited by the amount of daylight received and the quality of the light for that matter. Unfortunately, living in Northern Europe means we are limited to less light than we may like to enjoy. In turn, this means that a good use of lighting is essential and can make all the difference as we enter these longer nights. So, how do you make the most of light in your conservatory?

Diffusing Glass
Light diffusing glass can really aid the quality of light and add to the amount of brightness in a conservatory, especially when it is quite dull outside. Light diffusing glass spreads or scatters light from an angle and distributes it evenly across a wider angle to create more light in the conservatory. This makes the room much brighter, and can also help to make it appear more spacious. Light diffusion glass is a significant benefit for those who want to make the most of the light in any room, including a conservatory or an orangery.

Fittings and Fixtures
The fittings and fixtures placed in a conservatory have to be considered carefully. One of the things to note is that there are no reflective surfaces to reflect light back into the conservatory. Of course most conservatories have glass roofs, meaning that adding lights and all the wiring that goes with them is a bad idea. Exposed cables are unsightly and also take away from the simple pleasure of looking up at the night sky.

Illuminating the conservatory by using carefully placed lamps is a far better idea and one that can work more practically. These lower lights are more useful for reading and working and don’t take away from the overall look of the conservatory or orangery. They also create a warmer and cosier feel during those long winter evenings – something of a necessity. Think ahead when your conservatory is being designed and built, consider where it is best for placing sockets for lighting.

Uplighters are also a good idea and can enhance the appeal of an orangery or conservatory, without taking up too much of the space. They come in a range of styles and are also worth considering for external lighting if you’d like your orangery or conservatory to be illuminated in the evenings.

If you do prefer to have lights installed in the roof; then this is doable if the fixtures and wiring are accommodated within a beam of some sort. Again, this is to be thought through at the design stage. This makes for a less cluttered appearance and can increase the aesthetic appeal of your conservatory.

The lighting of the conservatory is essential for comfort during winter. However, preparation is key to it looking great – so remember this when discussing any plans with your conservatory designer.