How to become a model

To break into the modelling world is a difficult and competitive challenge. Modelling is now the most sought after career in the world, and there are simply too many people wanting to model than there are openings. Therefore if you wish to crack this incredibly competitive market you have to have an edge over what anyone else can offer. To start with, to become a model there are some very exacting requirements that modelling agencies require you to have. You must possess extremely clear skin, faultless hair and teeth, and a well-proportioned body, to be able to fit the sample sizes perfectly. You must be tall; women have to be over 5’6 and men over 5’10, and you must be able to stand and pose well, move with an elegant gait, and photograph extremely well.

Another must for someone attempting to become a model is to put together a top-quality portfolio. This portfolio must include shots of the model in an assortment of poses, attire and styles (e.g. formal, casual, and swimwear). Make sure you choose your photographer well as the standard of the photos is what stands between you getting work or not. However the cost of developing a fantastic portfolio is very high and you must make sure you have a very good chance of making it in the industry before investing such a large amount of money in your career. Even with an amazing portfolio there is no guarantee of getting work, so make sure the money you spend on your portfolio is money you can afford to lose. The price of a photo shoot usually includes styling, make-up and hair, but still usually runs into triple figures. With this in mind you should remember that it will usually take up to three or four shoots using a variety of photographers, to portray different styles, in order to make up a decent portfolio. ThTherefore consider this expensive investment seriously before embarking on a potential modelling career. On top of this there are also comp cards and agency fees to add to your expenses, so make sure you are aware of all the financial implications beforehand.

Once you have a good portfolio it is then imperative that you choose a reputable agency to represent you, one that will honour their commitment to you. Some modelling agencies have been known to exploit the models on their books, so make sure the ones you approach have a good record of finding their models work and of paying them. Even with good representation you must remember that modelling is a highly stressful and competitive business, so you must be prepared to work hard, for little money initially, and to remember that after all this there are no guarantees of getting work.

Go for as many jobs as possible, even if they aren’t exactly the type of work you want to be doing, they may be a spring-board to something else, and it is very important to build up your job portfolio to include as many different kinds of work as possible. Work hard, keep trying if you really think you have what it takes, and good luck!