How to be an Ideal Wife?

A husband is like a full time job for an ideal wife. A good wife should bear in mind the following in relation to her husband:

1. She should make her home interesting and attractive so that her husband feels happy to be at home.
2. She should not neglect her appearance throughout her married life and should always appear neat and clean and attractive.
3. She should dress with an eye for her husband’s likes and dislikes in color and style.
4. She ‘should compromise if there is slight differences of opinion in the interest of harmony and should not be unnecessarily bold and defiant towards her husband.
5. She should always be in a cheerful mood and greet her husband with a loving smile, whenever he returns home.
6. She should be a perfect mother to their children.
7. She should be a good cook and vary the household menu so that the husband never feels that he is getting the same thing to eat too often.
8. She should not interfere in the professional affairs of her husband. Simultaneously, she should have an intelligent grasp of his business so as to discuss with him helpfully.
9. She should give her husband undivided, love and affection and try to be sincere, honest al1d a seIf-sacrificing wife.
10. She should not do anything which may harm her husband’s prestige. She should try to enhance the prestige and fortunes of her husband.
11. She should not criticize her husband in front of others but, on the other hand, try to cover his defects or shortcomings and should appreciate her husband’s good qualities.
12. She should be friendly, helpful, affectionate and respectful to her parent-in-laws and other members of her husband’s family.
13. She should learn to live within the limits of her husband’s income and meet the financial reverses bravely and cheerfully, without criticizing her husband for his financial failures.
14. She should not criticize her husband nor compare him unfavorably with more successful men.
15. She should make an effort to learn games of her husband’s liking so that she can share hisleisure hours.
16. She should keep herself abreast of the days news, new books and new ideas so that she can hold her husband’s intellectual interest.
17. She should keep her family secrets to herself and should avoid too much gossip.