How to be an Ideal Parents?

Children thrive on love and consideration. Children who are properly reared by their parents are taught to face the realities of life, to adjust themselves in different situation and to accept the pains and pleasures of life without any protest. Self-discipline, sense of good taste and sportsmanship should be inculcated in them, to ensure that they grow up to be good citizens.
Children must have a feeling of security in the family and should not be allowed to become aware of the financial or other forms of insecurities which might trouble the parents. No friction between the parents themselves should be exhibited before the children.

Parents should maintain a friendly relationship with their children and exert their influence on them by virtue of friendship and respect rather than dictatorial powers. Punishment has, at times, to be resorted to, but physical violence is always of a doubtful value for remedying the situation either as a means to reform the character or to stimulate the progress. Moreover, the children should always feel that their father and mother are one in their praise or punishment. Minor errors of children should be over-looked; the parents should give attention to the principles involved rather to the specific situations. Persistent scolding of children or finding-faults with them is never justified, and is a bad technique of bringing up children.

The parents should love and have consideration for their children but it should not cross the limits, otherwise, the children would be spoilt. Parents should not allow their children to become emotionally over-dependent on them nor they should fondle them too much. However, the children should not be put to any discomfort.

The children should be allowed to experience the stresses and strains of life from the very childhood, otherwise, they would not be able to face these situations when they grow up. They should also be allowed to work hard and to take reasonable risks in accomplishing their jobs.

Children should be taught good manners and the basic principles of etiquette from, the very beginning. The parents should, live such a life as will furnish an ideal for the child to emulate and understand.

Parents should give as much of’ their time to children as they possibly can and should not always leave their children ayahs and governesses. Parents should also find time to play with their, children, take them for outings, to visit the friends or to take them for a circus or a cinema.

The development in childrenÂ’s health, habits and education should be kept under constant watch. For this purpose, their progress should be recorded and corrective measures taken whenever considered essential.