How to be an Ideal Husband?

“A good husband makes a good wife.” A husband should bear in mind the following points to ensure a happy married life:

1. He should reserve his exclusive love and affection for his wife.
2. He should not think that his wife is a play thing or a pretty doll or an object
of sexual pleasure and enjoyment. He should treat her as a real life partner
who equally shares with him the joys and sorrows of life.
3. He should evaluate silent virtues of his wife and appreciate her qualities
whenever occasion demands.
4. He should tactfully handle a short-tempered assertive and independent
wife and try to win her love by his true love and affection.
5. He should praise his wife’s culinary art, her dress and her charms at
appropriate occasions.
6. He should care for his wife’s health.
7. He should bring occasional gifts of his wife’s choice on birthdays and
wedding anniversaries and sometimes even without any occasion.
8. He should not criticize her before others.
9. He should give her some money over the household expenses, to be spent
as per her choice.
10. He should understand her varying feminine moods and help her through
periods of fatigue, nerves and irritability.
11. He should share at least half of his recreation time with his wife.
12. He should refrain from comparing his wife’s cooking or housekeeping with
that of other women, except to her advantage.
13. He should take definite interest in his wife’s intellectual life, her clubs and
societies, the books and magazines she reads and her views on current
14. He should thank her for the little jobs she does for him such as sewing on
a button, darning socks, sending clothes to the cleaner etc.