How To Be A Winner In Everything You Do – Part 1

Experts, including many leading psychologists, agree that what separates life’s winners from its losers are certain patterns of thinking and behavior. Losers tend to perceive the path to success as a straight, unbroken line from begining to end. As a result, these people are unable or unwilling to cope with setbacks along the way. If their progress is slowed or halted for any reason, they often become frustrated and give up. For these people, setbacks are failures that can not be overcome. Their motto might be, “if at first you don’t succeed, give up”.

Instead of a straight, unbroken line to achievement, winners view the path to success as winding and twisting upward- more often bumpy than not. These people know and accept the reality that setbacks are an inevitable part of life. They know that very few, if any, people ever achieved success without facing and overcoming adversity. Winners are not discouraged or deterred by obstacles or detours along their path. They know that, “if at first you don’t succedd” you try again, and again if necessary, and that success will be your ultimate reward.

People who are successful- those people we consider winners -in their personal and professional lives share several common characteristics and attributes that allow them to deal with adversity and temporary failures. Anyone can develop these winning characteristcs and attributes and actually learn now to be successful in all aspects of live.

Here are seven of those winning characteristcs found in common among successful people in all walks of life.

1) Goal-Oriented

In order to be a winner, you must have a goal- some point you wan to reach. That’s the first and most important requirement for success. Simply put, you can’t be a winner if there’s nothing to win.

Both short- and long-term goals are essential elements in providing a sense of direction and purpose. Without a specific, clearly defined goal, your’re like a traveler who has no destination. You have no idea of where you’re going or why. You don’t know how to use your time and resources to their fullest advantage. On the other hand, goal-oriented people know exactly where they are headed and why. They plan their journey carefully, keeping in mind all the detours they may face along the way, and never lose sight of their destination- their goal.

2) Motivation

Once you have set your goal(s) you must have the drive or motivation to reach it regardless of the obstacles in your way. Winners are all highly motivated people who press forward until their goals are reached. That doesn’t mean that in order to acheive your goals you must exclude everything else from your life. You’ll still need to socialize and relax, but you must set priorities. Consider how much time you spend each day in unnecessary pastimes that do little more than sap your energy. If you use that time instead to focus on and work toward a specific goal, you’ll increase your chances for success dramatically. The bottom line is, in order to be a winner, you must want to reach your goal more than anything else.

3) Positive Mental Attitude

Having a positive outlook doesn’t mean blissfully ignoring the many harsh realities of life. Winners undertand that risks and potential setbacks are a matter of fact. Instead of dwelling on these negative aspects of life, winners are constantly looking for alternate ways to pursue and achieve positive results. After all, how much can anyone accomplish with a defeatist attitude?

A positive approach with allow you to be your most creative and productive- both mentally and physically. Negativism will make you more vulnerable to stress and less likely to pursue your goals.

Part 2 coming soon…