How To Be A Red Hot Positive Thinker

You only need to know ONE word to become a red-hot positive thinker and be an optimism magnet. You must make sure that this word stays in your vocabulary for a long time. Before I reveal to you that one single word, let me acquaint you first with the three words that perpetuate negativity.

Why do people indulge on negative thoughts? There is no need for rocket science principles here. Has it ever occurred to you that it is easier to become a negative person than a positive one? People indulge in negative thoughts mainly because IT IS EASY; and there are 3 simple steps involved here.

Finding Faults. According to T. Harv Eker, “whoever can point to as many people and circumstances without ever looking at himself is declared the winner!” When caught in a bind, some people easily point to someone else. It is the always the other person’s fault. They take the easy way out instead of taking responsibility and finding solutions to the problem at hand.

They blame their parents for being the child they became, they blame their spouse for making them feel unloved, they blame their boss for the project that bombed, they blame their officemates for spreading gossip about them. They blame credit card companies for their numerous debts, they blame the sun for the uncomfortable heat, and they blame the wind for ruining their hair. What’s next to blame?

Making Excuses. In this case, some people use their creativity to come up with innovative reasons and excuses just to get off the hook!

In work situations, some people would come up with excuses just to avoid doing the task assigned. Others would claim that the task is difficult or not within their line of expertise. Some would rationalize that it is hard to initiate change even before trying it out first! Their mindset is wired to give up easily. They would rather find one hundred reasons why it cannot be done, instead of finding reasons why it is worthy to purpose.

Whining Constantly. This refers to complainers who are dead set in finding the negative side of things.

Whiners have difficulty in finding happiness in life, for they focus on what they do not have, instead of being thankful for what they have. When people are complaining, they magnify and focus on what is wrong in their lives. When they complain about lack of money, that is what precisely will manifest in their lives.

There you have it, the 3 simple and easy steps for perpetuating negativity.

For a long time, people have been indulging on negativity. Many of us, in one way or another and at any point in our lives, have engaged in negative thoughts. The uncontrolled mind becomes the perfect breeding ground for pessimistic thoughts. Everyday, negative programming is being bombarded into our subconscious.

We already have lots of practice. To some, negativity is a way of life. Some infants are born to negative families. They are sensitive enough to absorb the prevailing atmosphere of the family. They easily imbibe the mental and emotional characteristics of the mother and the father since they are their first teachers. They grow up into teenagers and adults with negative mental attitudes then later on become parents themselves.

Some find comfort in the company of friends who indulge in negative thinking. “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” “Birds of the same feather flock together.” This accounts for man’s need to belong to a group. Peers have a major influence on some people’s thoughts and decisions.

So now you ask me,

“What is the ONE word I need to know to become a red-hot positive thinker?”

That one simple word is STOP.

STOP finding faults. STOP making excuses. STOP whining.

Have a positively great day!