How To Be A Problem Solving Superstar

Did you know that you can transform a problem into something wonderful and achieve great things in life? Here’s a story to help you understand how you are responsible for your success, no matter how many problems you have.

Once, there were 2 brothers who grew up in a poverty-stricken environment. They barely have food to eat everyday, and sometimes they have to beg in order to survive. Their father died a long time ago, while their mother’s income can barely feed them.

One day, the older brother went far away to search for greener pastures. He said he’ll be back to help his family. He strived and persisted. He found a good job and worked part-time while studying. Until one great day, he graduated with honors. He was immediately hired by a large company and became one of the top lawyers in that area in a short span of time.

He went home one day, eager to tell his family of the good news, and surprise them with his accomplishments. At last, he can give them a good life, he thought.

When he arrived home, his mother was weeping. Alas! While he’s away, his younger brother joined a group of thieves and became a drug addict. “Your brother is wanted by the police. We haven’t seen him for many weeks now,” his mother sadly told him.

It was interesting to note how the 2 brothers’ identical situation motivated them to do what they did.

The older brother used his situation to motivate him to succeed. He said, “Because of my situation, I was forced to persist and do all that I can to help my family. Who knows if I’ve not become very poor before? I might not have the fire inside me to attain what I have now.” He believed that he can create his own destiny. No matter how difficult the circumstances, he believed that he has the capacity to do the right thing in reaching his goals.

The younger brother used his situation as an alibi to become bad. He was finally caught and was asked why he did those crimes. He said, “Because of my poor situation, I’m forced to become a criminal. If only I’ve enough money, I would have been a good person.” He believed that he received what destiny threw at him, and it is his fate to become a criminal.

Now if you have a problem, would you be like the older brother or the younger one?

The choice is yours. Your success does not depend on the type of life you have, but on the way you handle or utilize your current situation to your advantage.