How To Be A Mind Reader: 3 Mind Reading Tricks To Decode Anyone’s Thoughts Or Feelings

Wouldn’t it be great if you know how to be a mind reader? That would be a very handy skill indeed, and one that would really stand out in your resume. Think of all the complicated situations you could avoid. Think of all the opportunities you can grab just from knowing what the other person is thinking.

With all these benefits, who wouldn’t want to learn how to be a mind reader? So what are you waiting for? Learn the tricks of the trade using these simple tactics!

Mind Reading Trick # 1: See Through Hesitation.

If you want to learn how to be a mind reader, you need to be 100% aware of your target’s every move – be it a slight shift of the eyes or a two-second pause before answering. These quick nuances often reveal the most of what a person is really thinking.

Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to ignore these signals. For example, people who are not totally enthusiastic about an idea will generally show a moment’s hesitation. A silent, awkward moment is a form of hesitation. So is the biting of the lip or the scratching of the head. When a person murmurs, “I don’t know,” that also means you need to come up with another idea.

Mind Reading Trick # 2: Watch Out For Close Contact.

On the other hand, a person who maintains close contact with you is very much in agreement with what you’re saying.

Say you’re pitching an idea for an anti-smoking campaign. If a person likes what you have to say, he will generally lean forward to show his interest. If you two are sitting or standing next to each other, his torso will likely be turned towards you. This also applies to the rest of his body, whether it’s his legs or his knees.

If you want to learn how to be a mind reader, you have to be comfortable interpreting these signs of interest. You will also have to accept when a person’s body language shows you otherwise.

Mind Reading Trick # 3: Observe Facial Expressions.

A person’s face shows a lot of emotions. If you want to learn how to be a mind reader, you’re going to have to understand what certain facial expressions mean.

One eyebrow raised usually means that a person is skeptical. Pursing of the mouth means that you are not doing okay so far. A nod or a series of nods means that the person agrees with you.

By keeping your eyes on a person’s facial expressions, you’ll have a more concrete idea of what they have in mind.

Learning how to be a mind reader comes with a lot of advantages. This skill helps you communicate better with your friends, family and co-workers.