How To Bathe Your Newborn Baby

Bath or no bath for your baby just after he sees the light of the world entirely depends upon your decision. Traditionally immediately after their birth, the babies were handed to their parents; but nowadays the scene has changed. They are wiped down before they get into the welcoming arms of their mom or dad. But it is totally up to your will to bathe him or not.

Vernix, the greasy film that enwraps your baby’s body acts as an effective moisturizer for the baby’s soft and vulnerable skin. This greasy moisturizer if not wiped off, is again absorbed. This reabsorbing act of the vernix prevents the baby from dry patches on skin. Now it is seen that this vernix layer can be found in more amount on pre-term baby than on one that is full-term.

A baby while staying in the womb is surrounded by amniotic fluid. For this reason, a waterproof material is a necessity and vernix plays the role of this essential material aptly.

Now coming back from the hospital the parents are the ones responsible for bathing the newborn baby. The task is not that easy, especially for the new parents. They are generally tensed to give their baby a bath.

The first thing to worry about is determining the temperature of the water. But before that arrange for all the accessories, such as towel, changing mat, new nappy, clean dress, for the bath. Then put the baby in a suitable place.

At first fill the tub with cold water. Then mix that water with hot water. Make sure the water temperature is proper for your baby by dipping your elbow into it. This testing by dipping of the elbow is an effective one as the elbow-skin is quite sensitive.

Undress your baby and wrap him in a soft towel. Run some water with your hand gently over his head. Avoid shampooing your baby as generally the chemical of shampoo is a problem for the babies’ delicate scalp.

After you are done with it, lower the baby with care into the water by putting his neck in your elbow’s crook and your hand while holding one of his leg’s back. Now another thing to remember – in case you are southpaw, put the neck of your baby in your right elbow’s crook and wash him with your left hand while holding his right leg with your right hand.

Cup a little water in your hand and sprinkle it on your baby’s body. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing his body since they are absolutely unnecessary. A newborn baby does not accumulate that much dirt. Bathe him for some minutes, otherwise he will catch cold. Dry him and dress him – your baby is fresh after his first bath