How to Avoid Craving for Illicit Drugs and Alcohol?

An individual who has been habituated to illicit drugs or alcohol faces hard time withdrawing these habits. He should have strong commitment along with proper guidance to stay away from drugs. Below are some tips to help a drug addict overcome his/her craving for drugs.

Spend time with family and friends
The most important elements that can help you evade the drug abusing thoughts are – positive counseling for building self-confidence and good social company. These two needs can only be fulfilled by your family and friends, especially who are non-drug addicts. Hence, spending as much time as possible with your family and friends would significantly help in staying away from the habit.

Engage yourself in healthy activities
You have to keep yourself engaged in activities that are good for your health. It will help you divert your attention from the drugs. Participating in social gatherings, sports, etc. is not only useful in keeping you busy, but also boosts your self-confidence and self-respect. Try not to spend time alone as it may provoke you to take drugs/alcohol.

Avoid friends and places linked with drugs or alcohol
If a non-addict or an individual, trying to give up the drug abusing habit, gets into association of drug addicts, he is more likely to get into these destructive habits. Hence, you should avoid the company of the drug addicts and places linked with drug or alcohol which may tempt you to take up the habit again.

Challenge craving and change your thoughts
When you stop taking drugs (this period is called as withdrawal from drugs), the craving for intake of drugs is extremely strong. Indeed, the situation is a great challenge equally to you as well as the family and friends. Here are some tips to overcome your craving.

• Remember your bad experiences of drug abuse
The moment you feel like abusing the drugs/alcohol again, recollect the bad days when you suffered from addiction and the consequences you faced in terms of health issues, distress to parents, bad academics and the damaged social reputation.

• Remind your goal to quit illicit drugs
You need to constantly remind yourself the goal of giving up drugs. Visualizing the drug-free life will strengthen your will power further.

• Recognize the positive effects of staying away from these harmful substances
When you are aware of the positive effects of staying away from substance abuse, you are less likely to go back to drugs. Recognize the benefits like good health, financial stability, respect in the society and the cheer you bring to yourself by abstaining from drugs.

To conclude, overcoming the craving for illicit drugs and alcohol is a big challenge, but it can be achieved. So, build up a strong willpower to stay away from illicit drugs or alcohol.